“Let’s Go Play With The Traffic”

Yesterday evening we watched the first episode of The Crown Series 2.

The morning began with suggestions of blue sky when Jackie popped out to photograph our new OLD POST HOUSE sign given to us for Christmas by Shelly and Ron, and

fixed to the back gate by Aaron on Sunday.

While she was down that end of the Back Drive she photographed daffodil spears pushing up early.

From far off in the Rose Garden she heard Nugget singing his heart out, so he became her next subject,

“Where’s Nugget?” (58)

Knowing that the rest of the day would be shrouded in drizzle we drove to

Mudeford harbour by mid-morning.

The waves were choppy and the currents contorted.

Walkers and joggers tracked the waves

or sped around the more sheltered harbour.

No-one was seated on the benches –

not even the mobile phone user.

Gulls gathered on the grass.

Dogs and children so love to scatter them,

sending them flashing against the dark indigo skies.

From Mudeford we headed inland, where, at Burley Manor the deer were busy grazing or resting by the shepherd’s hut.

Beside the fence stands an ancient hollow trunk, probably of an oak. I will spare my readers sight of the various unsavoury items tossed inside by visitors mistaking it for a refuse bin.

Outside Burley grazing New Forest ponies were reflected in rapidly filling ditches.

Nearby a pair of muddy-hoofed Shetland ponies did their bit for verge maintenance.

When a larger cousin joined them, one rather cheery creature proposed: “Let’s go play with the traffic.”

So off they went, intent

on causing mayhem.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s wholesome beef and mushroom pie; boiled potatoes; roast parsnips, onions, and peppers; crisp cauliflower, and tender cabbage, with which the Culinary Queen drank Hoegaarden and I drank Patrick Chodot Brouilly 2017.


  1. What a wonderful trek through your countryside. So nice of Aaron to post your sign, now people know just how history that property is. Thank you for the deer and ponies – so cute!!
    And yes, I found Nugget.

  2. I have spent some time admiring each photo of this fabulous set, Derrick, especially the harbor ones.
    Nugget is a bright orange accent among the green leaves in the right corner.

  3. Love your informal shots, Derrick. And the pony reflections. A great deal of experience goes into capturing your images. And what did you make of ‘The Crown’, I wonder?

    1. We have a long way to go with The Crown. So far it confirms my initial reluctance to watch it because of the intrusion into the lives of people who cannot answer the dramatic inserts. Nevertheless it is a useful journey back into times we have lived through.

  4. It’s wonderful how Jackie can recognise Nugget by his song – now that’s love! Great captures of your day all round – especially those dark and moody waves! Guess what – we have sun this morning πŸ˜€

  5. So nice to see Nugget up there. ? I’m amazed to see so many people out braving the inclement weather. How does Jackie find time to cook your delicious meals when she always seems to be either gardening or careering around the countryside? ?

    1. I often prepare the veg early in the day, and as much of the meal as possible in the morning while D, is replying to all the comments! I will frequently make two of everything so one goes in the freezer, this was the case yesterday. Thanks for asking!

    1. Thank you very much, Uma. The house was originally the village shop and post office. It has had several additions/alterations over the years since the early 1930s. We think the long back drive was the entrance for the vans. We have a neighbour who remembers those days.

  6. Such a delightful diversity of life! I’m sorry people have mistaken the ancient hollow trunk as a trash bin. Thank you for showing us the best side which is still beautiful art.

  7. Your daffodils are up about as high as ours out by the old garage. Good to see Nugget about, too. I enjoyed all the photos from your day, especially those fat, furry little ponies!

  8. I was gonna’ say “At least they didn’t play IN traffic!”…but they kinda’ did! πŸ™‚
    Glad they were safe and the Human-Beans were careful!
    Love the gulls, deer, and ponies! And it’s a joy to see Nugget all bright and happy! What a GREAT “Where’s Nugget?” photo!!! πŸ™‚ I’d love to hear him sing! πŸ™‚
    The empty benches photos are beautiful…but kinda’ sad. On a better weather day I bet the benches fill up with fun!
    HUGS!!! to you and Jackie! πŸ™‚
    PS…How is your Mum doing this week?

      1. I will continue to think of her and pray for her.
        I miss my Mum. I was my Mum’s 8th child. She was older when I was born. She died a few years ago at age 97.

  9. The shepherd’s hut is very nice, but he must surely have a bigger place for his family. Entrepreneurs could market those wheeled huts as a “married man’s retreat”.

  10. I always enjoy your choppy sea photos, and i love the way the people appear as dark shadows.

    I shall have to stop reading your posts at breakfast time, I always want to eat your supper!

  11. So many wonderful photos here, Derrick. I like the gulls in flight, and the deer and ponies are so cute. The sea photo with the beach ball (?)–made me think of the old TV show, “The Prisoner.” If you know the show, you’ll get it. πŸ˜‰
    I like your lovely new sign.

  12. You answered my question about the bit of orange in the waves. I’d wondered if it might have been a mooring buoy, but now I know it’s a marker.

  13. Enjoy your black and whites in this one! And isn’t it a marvel that daffodil shoots would try to get started already. I just saw the tips of irises here, and the hellebores poking up. I had to scold them and tell them to wait. We could easily have a freeze and it would burn their little fingers.

  14. Haha – that shot of the pony adorned with twig is just priceless. Despite a gloomy day, I think you made out like bandits. Love your photos of your marvelous surrounding landscapes. And, this time I found Nugget!

  15. How awful that people have been using the hollow oak as a repository for their rubbish!

    I think my daffodils are poking through the ground as well.

    Anyway, as always lovely to see the ponies, Derrick.

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