John’s Bedroom

The moon still shone brightly as Jackie went out to photograph

the pastel pink dawn

as it tinted the roof tiles over the gabled bedroom that harboured John Corden on his recent visit.

Although we had suffered a little more damage such as fallen Β pots, supports, and owls on the decking,

the camellias continue to proliferate.

These views along and beyond the Head Gardener’s Walk show snowdrops, bergenias, Β camellias, and primulas,

another row of which, happily hindered by Nugget,

Jackie planted this morning. The labels lying on the soil are marking lily and gladiolus bulbs also inserted therein.

“Where’s Nugget?” (66).

The Assistant Photographer produced all these photographs, including this lovely composition of

cyclamens, vinca, and cherub sculpture.

This evening for dinner, Jackie produced baked gammon; piquant cauliflower and broccoli cheese; creamy mashed potatoes; and sautΓ©ed leeks mixed with chopped cabbage. I finished the Squinzano and Jackie abstained.


  1. I think ‘assistant’ is no longer the correct appellation for the multi talented Mrs Knight – she deserves a promotion. The morning sky photos are so beautiful and who else can plant, photograph and amuse Nugget all at the same time? I am wondering if Nugget considered that thin piece of hosing a large and juicy worm……. πŸ˜€

    1. For goodness sake, Pauline – leave me something. πŸ™‚ In truth Jackie can only be termed “assistant” because she does less of the photography. She says she assists me to do mine. Thanks very much.

  2. Jackie abstained? I don’t recall that comment in the past. Does that mean she drank water instead of wine? Bob is reading a book titled”Water” about the importance of staying hydrated. As a whole, we don’t drink enough water! (BTW, I loved that close-up of Nugget). Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Jacquie. <3 <3

          1. Is Peroni like a port? High alcohol? So it didn’t oxidize? Christmas was a long ways back for saving opened wine!!

  3. I don’t show your garden pictures to Mrs Tootlepedal in case she demands that we promptly move south. We have nothing to show but a few lonely daffodils and some snowdrops.

  4. Seeing nugget early Saturday(here), makes my day Derrick….We had more good rain yesterday and overnight, the puddles are a joyous sight…..

    1. Thanks very much, Alys. John, of course took a photo of Nugget while here and posted it on his blog from back home in Australia. I’d call that the international press πŸ™‚

  5. I found Nugget, in deep contemplation of one human foot. He is such a character. I’m so glad you’re taking so many photos of him, and recording his little life. It suddenly occurred to me to wonder about his species’ lifespan, and… well, we need to cherish him while we have him!

    1. Thanks very much, Linda. Average lifespan is barely one year, but that is because most don’t survive their first winter. The record is either 16 or 19 years – I don’t remember which.

      1. Oh, that’s much better. Nugget certainly has a better environment to live in than many of them do — given the storms he’s already survived, he should do well for years.

  6. Beautiful pinks and purples! Wonderful photos, Jackie! Joy and warmth bringers on a cold night here πŸ™‚ Thank you! πŸ™‚
    So very good to see Mr. Nugget! πŸ™‚
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

  7. Lots of splashes of colour Derrick with your primulas and your daffs are out.. Ours are poking through on the back where it gets more sun but still in very tight bud… We do however have several splashes of Yellow primroses out… Which are lovely..
    The Wind I see been at work in your garden..
    We had some glass go in the allotment greenhouse, but nothing to complain about given those whose homes and business are flooded
    Take care in Storm Dennis….
    Hugs your way … Enjoy your weekend πŸ™‚

  8. Those camellias look lovely. I have a soft spot for the striped ones, but the pink double one is very striking too. I hope the latest storm will do no harm.

  9. Beautiful morning sky and beautiful camellias. It looks like the storm has left its mark a little, but glad to see Nugget is still keeping a close eye on things πŸ™‚

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