John’s Bedroom

The moon still shone brightly as Jackie went out to photograph the pastel pink dawn as it tinted the roof tiles over the gabled bedroom that harboured John Corden on his recent visit. Although we had suffered a little more damage such as fallen  pots, supports, and owls on the decking, the camellias continue toContinue reading “John’s Bedroom”

Responding To Comments

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Today’s photographic projects were prompted by responses to recent posts. Yesterday’s offering included 35 photographs, and of those who favoured the very last one, Laurie Graves, herself an excellent blogger, suggested a large print. I made one of A3+ with a white margin. Various comments focussed onContinue reading “Responding To Comments”


CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT AS REQUIRED. Gusting 50+ miles per hour winds wreaked havoc overnight and today. They are due to continue until tomorrow morning. Pots and chairs, even the new heavy wooden ones, were blown down, and the taller plants, such as the nicotiana staked up a few days ago,  were bentContinue reading “Havoc”


As the morning sunlight gradually scaled the beech tree to the left, it exposed the changing nature of the weeping birch, the leaves of which are beginning to blend with the gravel of the Heligan Path. Aaron and Robin completed work on the decking, which included Aaron’s own idea of the steps, made from offcuts of theContinue reading “Automata”

Grass Cuttings And Wild Woodbines

This morning Aaron twice drove himself and me to Mole Country Stores to buy some decking with which he repaired our somewhat decayed structure. The reason for the second outing was that the new lengths were narrower than those being replaced, so we were originally two short. Sitting in the cab of a working vanContinue reading “Grass Cuttings And Wild Woodbines”

The Great Diver

As is now customary, I began the day with a meander round the garden. This is how Jackie has refurbished the knackered decking; and here is her sign for Elizabeth’s bed. She has positioned stepping stones between Aaron’s paving, and added phlox to the rose garden. In the former compost bed the dahlia Bishop of LlandaffContinue reading “The Great Diver”

Roundup Not Required

This morning we both worked at the front of the house. I remained safely within our walls. Jackie, however, diced with death by sweeping the whole length of the narrow pavement. The speed limit on this road is 60 m.p.h., and is often exceeded. Stepping back to admire your work out there does not bearContinue reading “Roundup Not Required”

Tree Felling

Yesterday’s post carries a picture of the holly stump I decided to remove today. The promised rain fell overnight but kept off today, so I didn’t get my break. Jackie drove us to Milford Supplies where I bought a long, heavy, tree feller’s axe, a smaller hand one, an iron shovel, and, for good measure,Continue reading “Tree Felling”