A Damselfly In The Kitchen Sink

Today the temperature was warm with intermittent sunshine.

Up early soon after dawn this morning, Jackie discovered an azure damselfly, no longer than one inch, in the kitchen sink. Delicately, she transported the creature to the frog pond which she felt may be more its natural element. Having produced this moving photograph, she proceeded to walk around the garden creating a few more.

Here is her collection. As usual, each garden view is labelled in the gallery which may be accessed by clicking on any image, each of which may be viewed full size by clicking the box beneath it, and further enlarged with another click.

Nugget Junior 2nd was in attendance the whole morning while Jackie worked on Elizabeth’s Bed.

When I joined her for clearing up duties the robin provided me with opportunities for

“Where’s Nugget Junior 2nd?” (2) which may need bigification,

and “Where’s Nugget Junior 2nd?” (3) from which he almost disappeared. Nugget senior was still absent.

Late this afternoon Elizabeth, Danni, Andy, and Ella joined us in the garden where eventually the weather dulled and a cool breeze blew, suggesting it might be a good idea to take our Forest Tandoori Take Away meal indoors to eat from bowls on our knees.

Ella, like the rest of us, studied the menu before putting in an order to Jackie who rang it through. Andy collected it a short while afterwards.


  1. It took enlargement, but Nugget Junior popped right into view, in both 2 and 3. I enjoyed the damselfly tale. They’ll often hover above my wet varnish, as though trying to decide: water? or not water? They’re smarter than most insects. They never land.

  2. You’re allowed visitors in your lovely garden! We still cannot entertain family or friends and have just gone back to a night curfew from 9 p.m. until 4 a.m. The sale of alcohol has been banned too. I have taken a vicarious pleasure in you garden and the damselfly.

  3. I love how intently Ella’s regarding the menu. I wonder what she’s thinking? Maybe, « Should I have rice or a naan with my vindaloo?Β»

  4. I found Nugget Junior II in both photos although he almost made good his escape from the second one ? I do hope Nugget senior is ok. Might he be hiding away at the moment because he’s moulting? It’s the right time of the summer for such behaviour. While we wait for his return, I very much enjoyed Jackie’s marvellous garden shots. And hopefully you all enjoyed your takeaway. I wonder what Ella chose! ?

  5. Nugget Junior, II has a touch of orneriness when it comes to photos, it seems. Ella is just precious as she studies the menu, and Jackie once again shows her compassion for life and photographic skill. May you all continue to be Blessed, Derrick.

  6. I think these eyes are too tired to see a young Nugget elsewhere than in the photo where he is big! Ella is very smart. She must be copying the adults! And that damselfly photo is gorgeous!!!! As is the garden. Oh my.

  7. Our granddaughter would study a menu then promptly order her ice cream with strawberry topping. – Always the same but she wanted to order it herself.

    Grand kids are always the best.

  8. Damselfly in distress…and rescued by Jackie! How wonderful!!! πŸ™‚

    Jackie’s photos are lovely! So clear, the colours so rich, lush and vibrant garden details! πŸ™‚

    Your photos are beautiful, too, Derrick! Fun to spot Nugget Jr.! In the one photo he is almost gone…but his butt gave him away! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

    I hope Nugget, Sr is okay. I’m worried about him. πŸ™

    Ha! I love Ella studying the menu! πŸ˜€ I hope her meal was yummy! πŸ™‚
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚

  9. A little piece of paradise!
    In the first picture was pretty difficult to spot Nugget Junior as he blends really well into the environment exactly like his father ? While in the second I’ve seen a close up of his feet ?

  10. I was able to spot the Nugget offspring in the two photos. Ella was so cute perusing the takeout menu. Jackie’s damselfly photos are the winners out of today’s group.

  11. I could not find Nugget (2) but the disappointment was negated by the beautiful Damsel Fly. One of Nature’s exquisite delights.

  12. The azure damselfly is a celebration of nature and correctly installed in the frog pond by Jackie. Nugget Jr is in the middle of the first frame a tad off-centre towards the lower edge. In the second frame, only rear half of him could be captured vanishing towards the lower left corner of the frame.

  13. That is a very beautiful and artistic damselfly photo from Jackie! I enjoyed the whole set! I hope Nugget Sr. returns, but it is possible he passed the torch to his son.

  14. The garden is looking magnificent. You must feel so proud of Jackie.
    I found Nugget Junior (2) on pictures one and two but I’m afraid he eluded me on picture three.

  15. Ah yes, Nugget Jr.2 eluded me in picture 3, too. But, it always is fun to search. Your garden is a perfect place to start my day… and Ella is a delightful addition. I missed hearing what your choice from te menu was and what you drank to accompany it! Have a Terrific Tuesday, Derrick. I’m up way too early…. think I’ll tuck back in for a few more hours.

  16. Jackie looks happy. The bird we see around here often is named garden bird. I called him that the first time I seen him and now both my mom and Wrangler call him that also.

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