“It Tells So Many Stories”

My early morning walk to open the back gate for Aaron displayed

various beds, yucca, evening primroses, Welsh poppies, petunias, hollyhocks, a bee using a bidens as a trapeze, phlox, agapanthus, gaura, a Large White butterfly on a verbena bonariensis, and lilies in the Rose Garden. As usual the individual images are labelled in the gallery which may be accessed by clicking any one and viewed full size by clicking the boxes underneath them then further enlarged.

Later, Nugget Junior 2nd demonstrated his prowess at darting to catch insects on the wing. We really hope he hasn’t seen off his Dad.

Before he left I printed copies for Aaron of a couple of photographs I took of him last week.

He really likes this portrait, as do I. “It tells so many stories”, he said. Most of my pictures of him go into an album which he could use, should he ever have the need, to advertise his work as A.P. Maintenance. This one will be framed and hung on his wall.

Our friends, Barbara and Adrian Chapman, sent as an e-mail attachment a copy of this well composed and executed oil painting by Adrian, based on one of my photographs and a Google street view. I particularly like his use of colour and the turn of the neck of the foreground pony, and am honoured to have provided the inspiration.

This afternoon I offered a certain amount of assistance to Jackie with the general garden maintenance. My tasks were dead-heading, pruning under instruction, and cutting up material for the compost bin.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s sumptuous savoury rice; spicy pork paprika; and pork ribs in barbecue sauce, with which she drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Squinzano.


  1. Aaron is a hard worker, he deserves a nice portrait on his wall. You can tell him, he is even appreciated 4,730 miles away!!
    Nugget Jr, is cute, but Nugget is still around, right?

    1. And also from 17,000 km away! That is a brilliant portrait, Derrick.

      The painting by Adrian is also brilliant, he is very talented.

      Yay, pork two ways.

  2. What a wonderful photo of Aaron! He is such a hark worker and works with such care and love in the garden! He is right about his photo…and all of his stories are important. Please tell him we appreciate him and are so glad he is in the world! πŸ™‚
    Oh! The painting by Adrian is so beautiful! Love the colors and it’s sereneness. πŸ™‚
    OH, gosh. Nugget, Jr might have sent Nugget, Sr. packing?!?! I hope not. Keep us updated on the situation.
    Always good to see the bees and butterflies about and busy! πŸ™‚
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚

  3. Not just Aaron’s face that tells a thousand tales, it’s his hands. I’ve always found it a good habit to have a glance at a person’s hands when meeting them. They always tell some truth. I feel they were purposefully included by the photographer here. It is an exceptional portrait.

  4. That’s a post jam-packed with stories! You must be exceptionally chuffed with that portrait, and to know it will see the light of day and not only exist on the computer. The artwork is also inspirational.

  5. You have an early morning walk most people would envy! πŸ™‚

    That is an exceptional portrait of Aaron you took, and Adrian’s oil painting is beautiful!

    I hope Father Nugget is still with you.

  6. You have created a wonderful portrait of Aaron and your friend Adrian has created a wonderful painting. Both indeed have so many stories to tell. And then there is Jaqi – constantly creative in the kitchen and garden. What a talented and generous bunch you are, to share these delights with the rest of us 😊

  7. I remember as a boy that dad would require me now and again to do garden chores, These were generally menial tasks and I remember thinking that I wasn’t too keen on gardening!

  8. What a beautiful post–photos, portraits, and paintings. (And Nugget, Jr.)!
    That’s lovely that you did a portrait of Aaron and keep a photo album for him, and how wonderful to have a painting based on one of your photos!

  9. Beautiful colors, a thoughtful portrait, and superb painting. I’m hoping and praying Nugget is okay, wherever he is.

  10. Exceptional portrait–love this greatly. You share unique visions of people–as well as other views. (Have long wanted to try portraiture but am shy of asking others.) The garden dumbfounds me each time I see it…Please share with Jackie that I am duly impressed by her designs and choices.

  11. Just lovely Derrick, there is nothing like the early morning’s air and walking through an awakening garden. I too love your friend Adrian’s painting, I love the shapes of roofs and houses in a painting especially if they are in vernacular style. Great blog, much enjoyed.

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