Silhouettes At Sunset

We set out for a drive in the forest an hour before sunset.

There were a number of people out riding, such as this young lady on Barrows Lane. They were usually in no particular hurry. Neither were we.

As I emerged from the Modus high on Holmsley Passage, a dog in a Land Rover fixed me with its baleful beady eye.

A number of dog walkers, like this woman with her pair, were also taking the air.

A couple of motor cyclists followed a fast moving car, the driver of which did his best to splash me as he sped past. Fortunately I had anticipated the shower and (with poetic licence) nipped over the bank in the foreground.

The late sun burnished both landscape and ponies. The second black and white subject stretched its neck whilst emitting an extended whinnying.

Alongside Bisterne Close a group of ponies seemed intent on stripping the holly branches until, with one accord, they trooped off into the woodland and out of sight.

We just had time to catch

sunset at Barton on Sea where groups of well distanced visitors provided me with a choice of silhouettes. A young family played cricket on the green. The ball was struck in my direction, my reflexes kicked in, and I bent at the knees in an attempt to scoop it up. I couldn’t get down far enough and had to plead dodgy pins. My pride hurt the most.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s savoury omelette-topped rice served with a quartet of prawn preparations, namely salt and pepper, hot and spicy, tempura, and skewered in a skein of shredded potato. The Culinary Queen and I both drank Greco di Tufo 2019, a most mellow Italian white from Lidl.


  1. I am fascinated by your description of wines.
    I thought that Lidl was a place where grapes are grown, until I researched it and realized that this is a store.
    Great post, as always. πŸ€—

    1. I watched for a long time(while Derrick played cricket), and I’m sure that they are cruise ships at anchor, they were not going anywhere!

  2. I enjoyed the photos from forest drive and your time by the sea. The wandering ponies and molten sunsets are always a treat! That was a good catch mid whinny on that one!

  3. The rider is tilting to the left in her lazy movement ahead. The soft, angled light of the evening, the setting sun and silhouetted people have been tastefully captured. It was rather an eventful outing. Hope the impromptu cricketers didn’t leave you bruised.

  4. I enjoyed these photos very much – the easy pace of the rider in the top photo and the tilt of her head lead me to imagine whimsical, dreamy thoughts and memories of my long ago horsey days. I loved the late afternoon light and the sunset silhouettes.

  5. A visual treat to enjoy before sunrise this morning. You have conjured up the magic of the dying day – I always enjoy the special glow the departing sun gives to everything before it finally dips below the horizon!

  6. Those resourceful ponies know how to get a good meal! You captured them in some great positions and even whilst they whinnied! πŸ™‚
    So you almost got baptized on your photography walk?!? πŸ˜‰
    Sensational spectacular sunset ‘n’ sunset silhouette snapshots!!! πŸ™‚
    I’m sure your pride healed…and I hope your pins were not hurt.
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚

  7. The whinnying one is a lovely photograph. It’s a pity that it wasn’t colder or you’d have got a lovely cloud of breath visible in the air.

  8. So many splendid photos, I can’t pick a favorite, though the cyclist at sunset is wonderful. I like the photos of the horses, too.
    Dinner sounds delicious! Sorry about your wounded pride.

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