Hotter Than Expected

This morning I worked on the next “A Knight’s Tale” post. On this unseasonably balmy afternoon Jackie drove us up to the north of the forest, where donkeys on the road outside Faraway Cottage caused a certain amount of traffic chaos. My chauffeuse parked at Godshill Pit while I wandered among dappled woodland with variouslyContinue reading “Hotter Than Expected”

No Intention Of Budging

This morning I posted This afternoon we took Jessie on a forest drive. I stepped out on Rhinefield Road and wandered among the autumnal woodland. Ponies at Mockbeggar basked and dozed on the green, ignoring flies; one, claiming its right of way on the road, forced traffic, including cyclists, to take a wide berth.Continue reading “No Intention Of Budging”

A Knight’s Tale (44: A Concerned Single Father)

Woodland sunlight I noticed in the New Forest in October 13th, 2012, took me back to July 1967.  It was in a wood in Sussex that Michael and I had stopped off for a play en route to Brighton where, the summer after Vivien died, I planned a bed-and-breakfast tour of the south coast withContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (44: A Concerned Single Father)”

Woodland Ecology

After lunch today I posted The day remained largely overcast, but reasonably warm, so, after a trip to Ferndene Farm Shop we took a drive among the forest lanes. I am not sure what these tractors were doing alongside Preston Lane, but they were sending up clouds of dust. We can never normally stopContinue reading “Woodland Ecology”

Advancing In Our Direction

After lunch Elizabeth visited to discuss a few matters relating to Mum’s funeral. This included the choice of coffin and flowers. Later, I posted This afternoon we took a drive into the forest. Jackie parked beside Charles’s Lane, and I stepped out to photograph the woodland scenes alongside. On one side of Gorley RoadContinue reading “Advancing In Our Direction”

Hawthorn Berry Time

On our way to Elizabeth’s home for a family gathering we stopped at the the now virtually dry Pilley lake. The two opposite views I have been tracking through the year demonstrate that the bed is now virtually dry. The second contains hawthorn berries. two transverse views demonstrate the expanse of this; no animals todayContinue reading “Hawthorn Berry Time”

Behind The Scenes

I began another gloomy-looking day by printing a batch of photographs for my sister, Jacqueline, including this one of her son, my nephew James and his son Shay at Michael and Heidi’s wedding on 5th October 1991. Our blogging friend Carolyn began a comment on “Her Autumn Garden” with a poem which I printed forContinue reading “Behind The Scenes”

A Gentle Snow Plough

This morning I posted By mid-afternoon the earlier Stygian gloom had lifted enough for us to drive to Puttles Bridge and back after buying another, larger, bag of tree bark mulch. With barely a ripple the now very shallow Ober Water could hardly be said to flow under the bridge. The root trip hazards,Continue reading “A Gentle Snow Plough”

My Little Snipper

Today was one allegedly expected to enjoy intermittent sunshine. In reality this was more intermittent than sunshine. We were conned by a bright start into taking an early drive to Puttles Bridge. In the event this was definitely intermittent. Three-way traffic lights control gave me plenty of time to contemplate the verges on the sideContinue reading “My Little Snipper”


I begin with this picture of Jackie’s, down the Brick Path, which I unfortunately omitted yesterday. Mea culpa. We received a fair bit of rain overnight, but today was dry, if pretty cool, with intermittent sunny periods blown along by stiff breezes. Our morning began with a trip to Tesco where Jackie carried out theContinue reading “Frozen”