Although the skies were to brighten later, when we drove into the forest this morning light flakes of fluffy snow had already evaporated to integrate with liquid precipitation.

Jackie parked the Modus at Crockford Clump and I squelched across

waterlogged moorland and clambered over undulating slopes the basins of which became their own

reflecting, rippling, reservoirs refilled by pattering raindrops dripping from twigs above into the otherwise silent streams below.

Lichen layered arboreal limbs lay shattered among soggy autumn leaves; a perky robin roamed from tree to tree.

A friendly woman walking her dogs told me about the snow and a herd of deer she had seen earlier. Paddy, one of her dogs, lolloped over to me in search of treats and took no for an answer.

Ponies occupied the tarmac at East Boldre whilst communing with a couple of field horses.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s lemon chicken and savoury rice with which she drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Cotes du Rhone.


  1. The reflections in the dark waters, and the bright lichens and moss lift the winter wood so beautifully.
    Paddy sounds just lovely – even if he has no appreciation for ‘social distancing’!

  2. You make soggy beautiful! πŸ™‚
    Love your reflection photos, lichen photos, doggy, and pony photos!
    Paddy sounds like a friendly guy!
    Also, absolutely awesome alliteration accompaniments!!! I enjoy your alliterative and poetic descriptions that accompany your amazing photos!
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚

      1. Derrick, it just clicked, once I asked my granddaughter to pronounce Faurez in proper French. Of course, we learned about him; he was an ideological predecessor of Trotzky, i.e. one of the bad guys.

  3. That lichen on the tree – the wide expanse of it – is amazing. I wonder how much a tree can take before it has a negative effect on it?
    Hope you had a good Christmas, Derrick.

  4. I have a friend who has horses, and after all this time it finally occurred to me that I should send her a link to your blog, so she can enjoy your ponies. Done! And I really enjoyed the photo of the lone tree at the top. It has quite a wintery feel.

  5. You have a way of making the most of any weather. I like the sturdy ponies and the delicate looking little lichen with the bracken.

  6. Those are beautiful rainy day forest photos, Derrick and Jackie. The ponies do look a bit soggy. The Gloucester Old Spot seems to have taken the day off. πŸ™‚
    A wintry day here with 24 degrees at dawn, and afternoon temperatures hovering in the 30s. It felt like snow was possible, though it stayed dry all day.

  7. Your photo complement your words and your words complement your photos so well! I read this phrase “reflecting, rippling, reservoirs refilled by pattering raindrops dripping from twigs above into the otherwise silent streams” more than once… just absorbing your poetic expressions with wonderful alliterations. It’s no wonder you have so many devoted followers, Derrick. Thank you for sharing your travel, your life, your photography.. I’m one of your devoted fans! <3

  8. Definitely soggy. All the close-ups made me feel that I was there with you. Did you wear boots? Beautiful poetry in words and picture.

  9. Oh, those poor, dear ponies look soaked to the bone… We’re heading in to a wet stretch too, over here, just in time for New Years. I like to think of it washing away at least some of the stain of 2020, and all its misery, letting us start fresh in 2021. Although I welcome the water, good rain gear is key. Happy New Year, Derrick!

  10. JK DERRICK!!! Moet u kouw vatten?!? Natte voeten in die bagger … Hallootje! Ja, de natuur is ruig, dat snap ik.
    En, met Andrew Petcher ben ik het helemaal voor 100.000 % eens … What … Wath English Thee, hΓ¨ … Had Jackie géén tulband gebakken, Guckelhupf oder oliebollen, hΓ¨ … Appelflappen met heel veel poedersuiker … Ook niet … Ik kom wel effe met de NS door de tunnel: Kat in het bakkie!
    Youppie komt op de buis op Oudejaarsavond, om 21.30 uur … NPO1, géén hond meer op straat! Iedereen zit op tijd voor de buis en ik gooi alle telefoons op slot, doe voor niemand open, had niks online besteld … Dus, morgen ben ik er effies niet!!!
    Liefs uit Amsterdam, 30 – 12 – 2020, 18.10 uur …, Hollandse Wintertijd * *

      1. Youp van `t Hek: Oudejaarsconference 2020 ‘KORREL ZOUT’ = op Nederland 1 = NPO 1, 22.30 uur in het Nederlands en de kabel … Hendrikje de Brave zegt, dat er géén verbindingen zijn met UK and Duitsland. Ja, spuit elf geeft ook modder! Als ik u een cd stuur … , kloten!?!
        I read Godfried Bomans … He death 22 – 12 – 1971: heartinfarct = hartaanval! Nog een jonge God van achtenvijftig en dat Kutwijf is niet dood te knuppelen … Dat is het trieste van het hele verhaal.
        Schatje! Houw je haaks! Stay well!
        * * Amsterdam, 31 – 12 – 2020, 14.20 uur … , Hollandse Wintertijd *

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