The Garden As April Begins

On a warm day with sunny intervals it was time to record the garden as it comes alive.

The Brick Path and the Back Drive borders each hold some of the plants I am about to show, like the euphorbia fronting one of the dead stumps on the Back Drive.

We have many tulips in pots and in the beds.

Varieties of daffodils proliferate.

Camellias have been blooming since last November, and are now accompanied by magnolia Vulcan.

Hellebores hang about everywhere.

Japanese maples are coming into leaf.

Spring snowflakes are spreading nicely; forget-me-nots; primroses; pulmonaria; white fritillary; epimedium, wood anemones; cowslips; chionodoxa; and mahonia are further delights.

Unfortunately, on my rounds I found the body of the ailing dove, which had suffered no further damage.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s delicious chicken and vegetable stewp and fresh crusty bread, with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Red Blend.


  1. The Head gardener once again proves her expertise.
    But… are you certain that was chicken you ate? Where is the ailing dove now?

  2. What a treat; Such a pretty gallery Derrick – I do miss rabbit and deer free gardening – thank you so much for sharing these inspiring photos. Aren’t plants amazing when they’re in the right place!
    It’s really interesting to see all the different varieties of daffodil, tulips, hellebores and Camellias – congratulations to you and Jackie on such a wonderful garden. πŸ™‚

  3. I have become green. Mildly green and with each photo, greener still. Now, a dark green. GREEN WITH ENVY. What a garden. What flowers. What glory!

  4. Your beautiful garden is alive and bursting with rich colours and happy smiles! A reward to you and Jackie for all of the hard work, care and love that you put into the garden! πŸ™‚
    And a reward to us through your photos! πŸ™‚
    Aw, on the poor little dove. πŸ™
    Love how the stumps add strength, texture and a wonderful background for the growing plants and flowers! πŸ™‚
    (((HUGS))) to you! Extra(((HUGS))) to Jackie!

  5. Hi Derrick – spring is such an exciting time. I love tulips and daffodils and also the less common varieties of spring flowers. We’re having a winter-cold day today, but I think it will be getting warmer in a few

  6. It looks magical! Like Tinkerbelle came a long and tapped plants with her magic wand and poof! But I know it’s really the magic touch of you and Jackie that created all this delightful beauty. I’m sorry about the dove. May it rest in peace.

  7. The good news is that my pair of doves were back at the feeder tonight, in their accustomed places. Your flowers are glorious. I’m especially fond of tulips, and you have some fine ones.

  8. Isn’t spring something? Your tulips are stunning, Derrick, as is everything else. They are hard to grow here, but I’m a huge fan. I’m sorry to hear about the dove.

  9. Your post was a visual feast of beauty, Derrick and Jackie! I am sorry to hear about the dove. It is hard to know what happened to him or her.

    Your Michael’s tree here has come through the winter. I have some weeding and trimming in that area to do first, and will then send you a proper baby tree photo. He is growing!

  10. I knew your garden would be waking up and looking beautiful, Derrick. Gorgeous photos and a glimpse of the beauty to come. We always lag up here on the mountain… hopefully soon!

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