The Roble Turnberry Bench

This morning we bit the bullet, unpacked, and assembled the new wooden Roble Turnberry bench. The last picture in this gallery shows what I look like when I have just straightened after an extended bending of my knees.

As can be seen from the first of these seated pictures we took of each other, the agony soon passes.

We have moved the new bench up to Fiveways, where we can enjoy the same views as Florence sculpture.

Here are some of Jackie’s planted urns, the first containing the last surviving purple tulip; the second, petunias and geranium against honesty in the bed behind; the third, some of her many pansies.

While I was at it, I photographed campion, rhododendron, aubretia, aquilegias, and Welsh poppies fronting the budding Chilean lantern tree.

Later this afternoon we will be driving to the Lamb Inn at Nomansland where we will meet Elizabeth and Danni for our first permitted inside a pub meal since the last lockdown that was forever-ago. I will report on that tomorrow.


  1. That’s a beauty of a bench. I fancy the curved back slats! I’m a bit sway backed (like a pony,ha) and I think that should fit me nicely. Great photos of you both and it looks like the perfect spot in the garden for enjoying a view. Pretty exciting to be able to meet up in a pub with friends, Congratulations for slaying the beast.xK

  2. That’s a lovely bench, and you both look so content sitting on it. Your garden is so beautiful!
    I hope all of you enjoy your meal today at the inn.

  3. Meeting up for an indoor pub meal is quite an adventure in these strange times. I feel sure you will enjoy it. The new bench looks very smart indeed!

  4. we know Jackie works her tush off.. now we have a visual of you “working”.. great garden pictures too… sends virtual hugs across the pond for you both..

  5. I really like that bench. Does it have a sealing on it or are you going to let it age naturally?

  6. YAY! The new bench! Your smiles say it all! πŸ™‚ Great job of putting it together! It will bring so much joy!
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚
    PS…Always good to see Florence! πŸ™‚

  7. The bench looks wonderfully comfortable — perhaps you’d consider another one or two at various pots around the garden! And the garden is looking pretty wonderful too!

  8. I love the photos of you and Jackie gracing your new Roble Turnberry Bench! The white owl peeking through the flowers caught my eye in the penultimate photo.

  9. awesome garden with many flowers coming forth to greet the, the bench will be nice to survey your exploits, sorry about your knees but there you are bravely putting it together, and then both of trying out the seat for size… It will interesting to hear of your trip to the pub – wondering will it be the “same” or “different” – of course the company will make up for anything amiss

  10. Good job on the bench and garden! I’m glad the agony passed quickly. That’s an especially beautiful photo of the last surviving purple tulip.

  11. Well done Derrick … assembling flat-pack furniture is not as easy as it looks … and your new bench looks fabulous ..

  12. That is a handsome bench, and kudos to you for getting it together.. I finally bit the bullet and traded my old flip phone for something snazzier. I suspect by the time I finished getting the basics down, I was breathing harder than you were after getting the bench in place.

  13. Your poor knees! I’m glad you soon recovered and what a lovely bench for a beautiful setting in the garden. I hope you all enjoyed your meal.

  14. More than the beauty of the spanking new bench, the exercise of assembling and the resultant waves of joy has lent a sparkling aura to those portraits. I bet Florence Lady is going to be proud of the addition in her vicinity.

  15. It’s a beautiful bench –
    lovely enough to do your amazing garden justice;
    and being so perfectly modelled by the Head Gardener and her assistant.
    Where did you find that sun yesterday?
    All your images look absolutely heavenly – happy gardeners and happy flowers πŸ™‚

  16. Not sure how I missed this one! Well done on building the bench. It looks lovely.

    Simon offered to put my new ones together but I thought I’d save him a task. I asked the garden centre to build and deliver.. Unfortunately, I completely forgot that the heaviest was meant for the upstairs balcony and so instead of lessening the load I ended up giving Simon a heavier task than it should have been.

  17. I’m having flashbacks to our garden glider assembly. I’m glad to see that all the pieces fit together. The bench is lovely. I’m in love with the photo of the tulip. You’ve captured it in the perfect light. I hope you had a fabulous dinner out. Life returns to some semblance of normal at last.

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