“Where’s Elizabeth?” (2)

Although the day became somewhat brighter and warmer as it progressed, it was really quite dull and cold until mid-afternoon. This morning we took a brief trip to Ferndene Farm Shop where the Head Gardener bought three more bags of compost and trays of bedding plants.

This afternoon we carried out a Tesco shop in the usual manner. Jackie was very pleased to try out the face screen Helen had given her for her birthday. It was a great improvement on the masks which make the task very difficult.

Afterwards we drove to Pilley where I made

this week’s selection of record pictures of the lake. Those from the two usual vantage points do not show the full difference in the water level from our last trip.

Maybe these three shots give a better idea, especially the last one which ten days ago contained a smaller pool apparently harbouring a shark.

I was able to walk across the dry stretch and round the row of cottages opposite the green on which small ponies grazed within sight of the thatched terrace. There I enjoyed a pleasant conversation with a mother and daughter whose home looked out onto the scene. We found we had marathon running in common, both having run the London.

There were more donkeys, with foals, on Bull Hill than there were ponies.

These managed to disrupt the traffic on a grand scale. It was particularly amusing when I white Toyota slalomed round the asses and came to a halt nose-to-nose with my Chauffeuse’s Modus, and out stepped Elizabeth, (“Where’s Elizabeth?” (2)), with her friend Barbara who is staying with her.

For dinner this evening, the Culinary Queen produced chicken marinaded in mango and chilli on a bed of vegetable rice with tender green beans. Her accompanying beverage was Hoegaarden and mine, more of the Shiraz.


  1. It is good to see so many donkeys around – very peaceful scenes. I am impressed that you have run the London Marathon!

      1. those were joyous days for sure, the challenge and the finishing – is that why your knees are now knackered…pounding city hard pavements can do that…

  2. Despite the disruptive traffic pattern, all looks well (including the little ponies and mules!!)

    1. Yes – people are practiced at getting round them. There was more of a hold up in the main road junction at the top of some of the pictures 🙂 Thanks very much, GP

    1. She is driving her white Toyota, Dolly. Rather a trick question. I image face screen is what I have called a face screen is a face shield. Thanks very much.

  3. So many cute animals there Derrick! I have to ask, why do cars have a white license plate at the front, and yellow on the rear?

    1. According to the Licensing Authority it is so you can tell at a glance whether you are looking at the front or rear of a car – but then I suppose you would have to know that! Thanks a lot, John

  4. I love the little freckled pony. And those houses – do they have thatched roofs? I thought there was nothing cuter than the baby donkey with the stripe. But then I saw the chocolate babe with the white nose. That photo where he’s under his ( matching ) protective mother’s chin is just precious. Is Elizabeth behind the windshield of the white Toyota? I can just barely make out a person in there.

  5. The baby donkeys are even cuter than the baby ponies! And your comparison shots show the lake levels dwindling quickly! I assume that Elizabeth is driving the white van.

  6. I love the baby donkeys! They are adorable! Thanks for sharing your fantastic photos, Derrick. No doubt you went to bed with a smile on your face and a full belly after Jackie’s delicious meal.

  7. The ponies and donkeys are enjoying the overcast day. The thatched cottage in the middle of the meadows makes for an idyllic abode. I couldn’t find Elizabeth anywhere!

  8. Thank you for the adorable donkeys and foals and for delightful daydreams of living in a thatched roof cottage looking over a field of dappled ponies.

  9. I love that Appaloosa pony with the white eyelashes! So much new life about. I agree, I also love seeing thatched roof houses.

    I could not find Elizabeth either.

  10. The speckled ponies are sweet! The donkeys are a delight! Both bring the smiles! 🙂
    I had to click on the last photo and then BIGIFY it and then magnify it ? to find Elizabeth in her car! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 😀

  11. Those donkeys are so adorable, and their little foals even more so. Also, that freckled, speckled pony.
    So, you got to observe Elizabeth’s driving skill:as the “white Toyota slalomed round the asses.” ? It’s so funny that you saw her there!

  12. It has been ages since I have seen donkeys ? It is nice to see so many donkeys and foals. Does Jackie experiment with recipes or does she follow the same one?

  13. HA! Wonderful to come nose-to-nose with Elizabeth’s Toyota out there. The animals are always endearing but My goodness this time my attention is grabbed by the lovely thatched cottage with Robin’s-egg blue doors and windows. It is so beautiful.

  14. and….
    mum is so beautiful and glad she enjoyed the story of the flower bed crash –
    – also – how very awesome she is still around

  15. Do your wine bottles generally have screwtops or corks? or, is it a mixture of them? I find the screwtops so much better than the corks, for many reasons. Cin-cin.

    1. They all belong to commoners who have ancient pasturage rights. They roam free. There is an annual round up for a health check. If there are any problems they are returned to owners for sorting them out. Thanks very much, Alexander.

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