June Delights

On a day that returned us to warmth and full sunshine, Jackie spent much of it

examining her floral babies and stretching to care for them, while I mostly wandered in and out of the garden with my camera.

We have a number of clematises;

numerous roses;

freshly blooming rhododendrons;

and more welcome alliums.

The Kitchen Path runs alongside the Pond Bed towards the arch bearing a blue solanum.

The Gazebo and Brick Paths are colourfully bordered.

Jackie’s new planting in the Shady Path Bench Bed is burgeoning nicely.

The Byzantium gladioli are standing in several beds, including this one in the Rose Garden; the pink cabana Jumbo emerges from a blue pot; the red Japanese maple still dominates the Pond Bed.

Geranium palmatums, cosmos, dandelions, convolvulus, companula, pansies, and poppies are other thriving blooms.

Florence at Fiveways stands in front of our newest bench; the Nottingham Castle replica is the oldest.

Weigela and two different erigerons overlook the concrete patio.

This evening we dined on more of the marinaded chicken with boiled new potatoes, and tender runner and green beans, with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Shiraz.


  1. It is all so stunningly beautiful!
    I love how you have so many named paths and nooks. I particularly like the light and shadows in the Florence and bench photos.

  2. It’s our first chilly morning this year at 8C/46F and it’s only going to be 19C/62.2F by lunch time. Actually it’s the chilliest since we moved in late 2019. I have been told it’s going to be the chilliest winter here in 7 years. Regardless Jackie, the garden is still the best place to be.

    Your garden looks so beautiful especially with the added blue in the top photos. 😉 I love blue.

  3. Such a beautiful place to spend a nice sunny day — the flowers are a wonderful collection, and they all seem to be bloomng now, or at least budding We still are having our June Gloom, but the afternoons are pretty and getting a bit warmer.

  4. I adored that red Japanese Maple Derrick, and all of your colourful photos have enriched my sunny Sunday morning ..

  5. The ‘floral babies’ are under the best possible care, and the floral teens and adults will bear testimony to Jackie’s unwavering attention. The new bench near Florence has become a landmark already.

  6. Thanks to the named paths and areas, I’m beginning to think I might be able find my way around your beautiful floral maze. ?

  7. The flowers are smiling for Jackie as she gives them TLC!
    Good to see Florence supervising! 😉
    Ooh, there is someone there in the photo of the Allumins…someone with beautiful feathers!
    Yellow roses are my fave roses!
    Love seeing the Nottingham Castle Bench!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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