Around The Beds

We have concentrated so much on paths recently that, on a bright and sunny morning, I decided to take a tour around the beds.

Each of these pictures bears a title in the gallery. The only editing has been a little slight cropping. I trust the Head Gardener will forgive the occasional inclusion of a trug.


  1. It is a very prolific garden!! I’m viewing your post earlier than usual as I just hung up from wishing my English “sister” a happy birthday. She’s off out with her grandchildren now. Happy 19th July release date!!!! (we’re in lockdown here. Our most severe outbreak since the start of COVID. But it’s all good because I finished another round of editing on the manuscript and it’s back with the professional editor. Maybe this time … -)

  2. I was surprised to see a post from you in the morning (my time), but it was delightful to take a stroll through your garden with you. Such beautiful bright colors!

  3. Your photo gallery is a beautiful tribute to Jackie, and you, Derrick. You both have put so much work into this floral paradise. It is hard to pick a favorite flower amid the riot of color and form, though I really love those climbing nasturtiums.

  4. Thank you for taking us around the garden on such a wonderful tour!
    My faves were the kitchen corner, the garage door frontage, and the waterboy! Have to say…the mice atop the sticks made me laugh! 😀
    (I always enjoy reading your photo-titles.)
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  5. I can’t get over how many flowering plants you have tucked into your garden – do you replace any that are looking past their best/dead, with the same type of plant or another…

    1. Jackie can’t leave a garden centre empty handed – so spent ones are replaced by those in season. The main problem is finding space 🙂 Thanks very much, Catherine

  6. An absolutely wonderful garden, Derrick.You both deserve enormous credit for all the hours you have both put in to achieve such marvellous results.

  7. I’m impressed with your beds as they look so full. How deep is the deepest? And how long did they take to establish?

    1. Many of the beds are inches deep over concrete or an old solid pond liner. Most were in situ but completely overgrown when we arrived seven years ago. We don’t know about the deepest 🙂

        1. OK. I’ll try again – We have been here 7 years. Before then most beds were laid out, but totally overgrown. We created the Back Drive borders – each about a metre in depth; the Rose Garden – literally a tip which had to be dug out ( buried concrete blocks and even a bath complete with taps ) and levelled – most roses put in 5 years ago; and the New Bed – raised on concrete within a frame of the aforementioned concrete blocks. Other beds roughly 3 metres in depth. Thanks for persisting, Helen

  8. Beautiful! Your flowers are so amazing. (As are your photography skills). I don’t think I ever noticed your birdbath before. I love ours but it seems I am forever cleaning it.

  9. Just amazing Derrick! So many beautiful layers, texture and colour throughout. In my younger days, I’ve dreamt of a flower garden like yours of my own. Now, I’m far too selfish with my time. Just the deadheading must take a huge effort. Time well spent, it’s wonderful. Bravo to you both ! xK

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