Frenetically Flittering

With overnight winds having ripped a stem from the Wedding Day rose, yet spared the clematis on the Agriframes arch,

Jackie was out early this morning laying down garden furniture once more, and picking up smashed pots and broken stems. Gale force winds continued throughout the day.

Undeterred, she set about refurbishing the Head Gardener’s Rest, and photographing the process.

First going;

then gone;

then rebuilding;

and finally, completed;

after which, basking in the sunshine, she toasted it.

My still photographs show neither the waving branches in

the front garden,

higher roses such as Compassion and Penny Lane,

nor the Weeping Birch swaying above its eponymous Bed including the proliferating Crinum Powellii.

Some begonias are sheltered enough to remain unscathed.

Even the frenetically flittering Small White butterflies were forced to take rests

on swaying Verbenas bonariensis

and the last remaining bloom on this geranium.

The Veronicastrum Virginicum Album was displaying signs of osteoporosis, but For Your Eyes Only seemed to find enough shelter in the Rose Garden.

Later this afternoon I posted

This evening we dined on cod, chips, and peas with which Jackie drank more of the Cotes de Provence rosé and I drank more of the Fleurie.


  1. No matter how rough your weather gets – the Head Gardener and her assistant find ways to repair the beauty and originality!

  2. I think Mother Nature has met her match with Jackie. The photos of her in her bower with pretty pink rosé in hand and her reflection looking on are lovely. I hope the winds die down.

  3. You’ve had your share of winds already — I hope they have settled down now for the rest of the summer! Our heat wave has finally broken, and the air is a more comfortable temperature!

  4. GP is right – the Head Gardener and her assistant are a true A Team!
    Your garden certainly needs a Head Gardeners Rest; that glass of refreshment is very well earned – cheers!

  5. I LOVE the header photo! Have you had an usually high number of windstorms this summer? It seems you’re getting hit on a regular basis. Jackie did a great job with her Head Gardener’s Rest rebuild.

    1. We have, Liz. Without the winds, I doubt that butterfly would have stayed long enough for that shot 🙂 Dripping dark as night this morning. Thanks very much.

  6. Even though the still photographs don’t show the gyrating limbs of the plants, I can feel the force of the wind. That is a cosy Gardener’s Rest erected in the midst of ongoing turmoil.

  7. Jackie, your beautiful smile always makes me smile and brings me joy! I’m so glad you have a HG resting spot! You deserve it! A chance to breathe in the beautiful garden you’ve created and cared for with tender love. 🙂
    Derrick, the little butterflies are so sweet! A joy to see them enjoying the garden!
    Love the 3 wooden mushrooms “sprouting” up near the lawn bed. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  8. The verbena bonariensis looks lovely. How high does it grow?

    The new Head Gardener’s Rest looks more roomy now the wind forced a renovation.

    1. This is certainly new to us. We have experienced the odd ones coming in from the sea, but not as frequent or erratic. We have just been out laying things down again as they are expected back today. Thanks a lot, Lavinia.

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