Spice Cottage

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Afterwards Jackie drove us to Becky and Ian’s home in Southbourne where we enjoyed catch-up conversation until it was time to move on to Spice Cottage in Westbourne where the four of us dined on really excellent food with friendly, efficient service. My choice was spicy Naga Tandoori King Prawn; flavoursome egg fried rice; and a perfect plain paratha which I shared with Jackie. We shared onion bhajis, and saag paneer. Jackie and Becky both drank Pinot Grigio Blush, while Ian and I drank Kingfisher. The restaurant doesn’t serve alcohol, but we brought our own and they provided glasses. It was clear that most other diners have been regulars for some time. One gentleman keeps his own drinks in the restaurant fridge.


  1. I’ve not thought of “set ups” in quite some time. That’s what they called it when I was growing up; restaurants would provide glasses, ice, and mix, but the patrons had to bring their own liquor. I remember that from more recent times in Mississippi, and I know it was the practice in the ’30s or so in Galveston. Once, in Mississippi, I stayed in a place where there were obvious ‘regulars’ for dinner. One elderly couple came in one night, and the waiter just said, “The usual, sir?” And the order was placed!

    1. Thanks very much, Linda. That is a new phrase for me. I told yesterday’s manager about The Akash chef in London who, as soon as he saw me, would start cooking the dish they had prepared for me to try and make me sweat. I visited them regularly for 35 years.

  2. Those are very Indian dishes you have mentioned. But for the intervention of the physicians, I would have consumed parathas on a daily basis. The name โ€˜Nagaโ€™ is interesting!

  3. Dang! I just ate dinner, but reading your list of Indian/Pakistani goodness still makes my mouth water. Perhaps because I’ve never been to India, but the best I/P food I have ever had, I had in Great Britain. One of my favorite cuisines!

  4. The Spice Cottage’s chef must be excellent to have received such a good review from one who is obviously such a connoisseur in Indian cuisine! It sounds as though their front of house staff and hospitality style is of an equally high standard. Being largely filled with locals – especially on a wet Wednesday evening – must be the highest acclaim a restaurant could strive for!

  5. What a great restaurant name! I can smell the spices, feel the warmth of good companions, taste the delectable dishes! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sounds like the Spice Cottage owners and workers know how to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and wonderful! ๐Ÿ™‚
    (((HUGS))) ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. What a fun and cosy time for you all! Iโ€™m smiling how the restaurant keeps the drinks in their fridge for one of the guests! Your descriptions makes me hungry for an Indian meal although it is only morning!

  7. It sounds like a delicious dinner, and the restaurant sounds like they know what they’re doing to please customers. The story of the guest who keeps his drinks in their refrigerator made me smile.

  8. What a lovely evening.
    I wish more restaurants would allow us to bring our own drinks.
    I only know of a couple of small ones near here.

    The other day a family meal out was my treat and I paid ยฃ27.93 for two beers and a bottle of Pinot Grigio. Very annoying especially as I wasnโ€™t drinking and when I knew it would have been less than half the cost at the supermarket.

      1. I shouldn’t complain because I won 33% off the food bill in a Summer competition. Sadly, not the alcohol!

        It was only Beefeater, but the food was really good and I’d definitely go again.

  9. That is so strange. I did not know that in the UK restaurants allowed you to bring your own alcohol if they did not serve it. I am wondering whether such a possibility would exist in London but then again I guess most restaurants would offer wine so there would not be such an option anyway.

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