Spice Cottage

Early this afternoon I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2021/09/08/a-knights-tale-30-the-heyday-of-local-cinema/ Afterwards Jackie drove us to Becky and Ian’s home in Southbourne where we enjoyed catch-up conversation until it was time to move on to Spice Cottage in Westbourne where the four of us dined on really excellent food with friendly, efficient service. My choice was spicy Naga Tandoori KingContinue reading “Spice Cottage”

The Correct Number Of Toes

Jackie spent much of the day creating a new bower, called Gardener’s Rest, by the head gardener’s path, thus offering a new view across the garden. This meant some paving material was required. I therefore transported some concrete and bricks from the pile in the former kitchen garden. In an effort to select only bricks that mayContinue reading “The Correct Number Of Toes”