We Still Have Some Colour

This morning I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2021/09/10/a-knights-tale-31-mugging-more/

When shopping at Lidl yesterday Jackie discovered quite a number of empty shelves. In the central aisles she did find some flat-pack ones that she would like for the garden. She found them so easy to assemble and returned for more today.

She bought another four packs. There are now three alongside and one behind the Head Gardener’s shed. One is inside the building, but in too narrow a space for me to photograph.

I carried out so much dead heading that I needed to tour the garden to assure myself that we still have some colour.

These are a few views that are identified in the gallery, which can be accessed with a click on any one.

This evening we dined on succulent steaks on a bed of peppers and leeks; fried potatoes; crunchy carrots and cauliflower; tender spinach and runner beans, and meaty gravy, with which Jackie finished the Pinot Grigio and I dram more of the Dao.


  1. You certainly do have some lingering color, and it’s lovely. I especially enjoy salmon colored flowers, so you can find me over by those, just enjoying them.

  2. Try my garden for a game of looking for colour. Mind you, even in this prolonged drought we have white,orange and yellow blooms – not in abundance though.

  3. I love your shelf pun – and The Head Gardener’s very ingenious use of her new shelves!
    Your garden is looking more colourful now than many would have in the height of summer.
    Even when the colour fades, it will still be a Pandora’s Box of intrigue and beauty.

  4. Your garden is as lovely as ever! Is that a dragon being enveloped by a mountain of ivy? If so, I don’t recall seeing that and would love to see the front or side view.

  5. Your Jackie is a wiz at assembling ‘flatpacks’ Derrick … definitely not my speciality … Well done Jackie, and the shelves look sturdy and serviceable …

    1. Thank you Ivor, I have in my time mastered the art of flat packs, all the shelves in Derricks library came from Ikea, and apart from 3 (built by Sam) I put them together, I could build them in my sleep!

      1. Oh.. ‘in my sleep would not be good for me’ .. Jackie, but I have had my share of flat packs .. but your proficency is quite amazing ..

  6. I can definitely see you have wonderful colour which ever way you stand and look…magic. Shelves are like boxes to me of late – you can never have too many, let’s not talk about paper supplies

  7. Those shelves can store plants like bookshelves, no wonder Jackie has zoomed onto them, and they look as if they were meant to exist against walls and in narrow lanes. The garden never produces a dull picture no matter how probe it with a camera. Your incessant routines of deadheading remind me of Edward Scissorhands.

  8. The new shelves are a lovely addition! Making new spaces/home for new growth, new beauty, and new love!
    Shelves behind shed…highlighting sun and shade. Wonderful photo!
    The Dragon Bed looks like THE place to have pleasant dreams! πŸ™‚
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚

  9. The shelving is wonderful, and I read above about Jackie’s proficiency with putting the “flat packs” together. I didn’t know that term.

    There is definitely still color in your garden. The summer blooms will fade, but I remember your garden looked good even in the winter!

    1. Thank you very much, Merril. Almost everything we buy today comes in flat packs for self assembly – and the “destructions” are often impossible to understand. Even professionals are mystified by some arches we have bought for the garden.

  10. Beautiful colors as usual, Derrick. It is hard to have too many shelf units. Congratulate Jackie on her accomplishment. Love the term “destructions”. So appropriate in so many ways.

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