A Knight’s Tale (43: An Engagement)

One week after Jackie and I met we enjoyed our first date. As I have indicated previously, this was the second time I had waited for a girl who turned up one hour late. This rendezvous was to take place at Victoria station and I had no ambivalence about the meeting. So I waited with much trepidation, and was mightily relieved when my patience was rewarded by the beauty running from the train.

We took a walk in St. James’s Park.  I already knew I was smitten, but the moment I fell in love was when, seated on a bench, we had, in unison, both exclaimed ‘cannibal’ on seeing a pigeon pecking at the discarded shell of someone’s boiled egg.  She may not agree, but to me that meant we at least shared a sense of humour.

Soon afterwards we became engaged. The first of these photographs was taken on Wimbledon Common in April 1966; the second at Kelsey Park, Beckenham in October 1967. Her wise parents insisted on a two year wait.

In the meantime she and Michael got to know each other.


  1. Those are beautiful photos of Jackie, Derrick, and the one with baby Michael and Jackie is very sweet. Michael looks very content there with her. ❀️

  2. A beautiful string of memories, not unlike the flowers in their prime in a soulfully nurtured garden. Perhaps you two have been made for each other after all.

  3. AW! This gets me joy-teary-eyed! So beautiful! I’m so glad Jackie and you found each other! πŸ™‚
    What sweet photos! Especially the one of Jackie and little Michael! πŸ™‚ <3
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚
    PS…"cannibal" made me snort-laugh! πŸ˜€

  4. Such an uplifting tale. Jackie is a stunner! And so talented, hardworking, and family oriented. You did well to exercise patience, both in waiting for the train, and for the parents caveat. The photo of little Michael is very touching.

  5. The photos of both Jackie and Michael are sweet and touching. I’m not sure what it is about Jackie’s image, but she looks so English to me. It might be more the time than the nationality. That kind of hair style was much in vogue in those days, although Kiki Dee came to mind as soon as I saw the photo. As a matter of fact, I had a great deal of fun imagining you and Jackie performing this song. It’s perfect for your story!

  6. I’m glad you had the patience to wait, and of course you knew she was worth waiting for! The photo of Jackie and Michael is so dear. It makes me feel all cozy and drowsy. Thank you for this sweet glimpse into your lasting romance.

  7. There must be a formula somewhere for how long you wait for somebody to turn up for a date. I wouldn’t have managed an hour, so well done, Derrick!!

  8. Oh my goodness – this was the best! Thank you for sharing this story. I totally get the allure of a sense of humor. Of course that moment was the one that hooked you. Those photos of Jackie are just gorgeous. And the one of Jackie and Michael is precious. You were always lurking about with that camera, weren’t you?

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    1. Definitely something needs doing to make that possible. Maybe when my computer man comes tomorrow I’ll ask him to guide me. Thanks for the suggestion, Yvette.

      1. Hi – well I am sure he can help. you – but it is also rather easy – if you into the dashboard – the categories option should be on the right – but wherever it is – you click the box that says “create new category” and you can type in Knights Tale – and you might want to add more – but that will depend on how you want to group your posts
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        1. Thanks very much, Yvette. That is pretty comprehensive – Gardening maybe, too. I’ll certainly give “A Knight’s Tale” a go. I think someone mentioned a separate folder, if that’s not the same as categories – would that be helpful to readers?

          1. I have no idea about folders – but so feel that easy to make categories will help because your archive is robust (and great )
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            And no hurry – but for the interview can you be sure to send me a photo of Jackie in the garden and one of you with your camera with the nice lens –

          2. And quick question / do you have a word limit for when you make Knight’s Tale posts? I noticed they are reasonable in length and wanted to know if this is intentional

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