Struggling With The Media

This afternoon we drove to Screwfix in Lymington’s Ampress Industrial Estate to collect our new macerator, then explored the possibility of viewing the coast near the town. Quay Hill was crowded with visitors; there seemed no chance of finding a spot in the carpark which was in any case swarming with people.

We then drove on to Ferndene Farm Shop and abandoned entering that normally safe environment. Despite request notices on the shop door there was scarcely a mask in sight and the establishment was heaving with visitors, many of whom were children milling about inside. Ferndene has so far had an exemplary record for shoppers taking precautions.

All this despite government scientists warning today that unless the rising infection and casualty numbers reduce soon there is the possibility of another Christmas lockdown.

We fled to safer areas of the forest.

A string of mushrooms risks its life on the verge of Hordle Lane.

A number of vehicles occupied The Smugglers Road carpark near Burley. Their drivers and passengers were probably walking in the hilly moorland. Jackie parked the Modus and began tackling her puzzle book while I wandered off into the landscape

where more fungi were to be found among the green grasses and the

browning bracken.

I appreciated the fleeting appearances of the sun during this period brightening the otherwise generally overcast yet warmer day.

Some of the ground was decidedly soggy. A winterbourne pool contained reflections and a car numberplate.

As we drove away I noticed the glinting dishes on a telephone mast towering from the hillside. Perhaps the grey pony to the right of the landscape had wandered down the trail seen beneath the mast.

I am really struggling to enter photographs into the WordPress media files at the moment. The process is very slow and a good 25% of images “cannot be uploaded because an error occurred during uploading”. This means I have to try again individually. Each one takes 2+ more attempts. This time I abandoned one which had taken 5 goes. I did the same with one yesterday. Today’s header picture is not one on which I was prepared to give up.

This evening we dined on tender and succulent baked gammon; moist yet firm cauliflower cheese; firm boiled potatoes firm carrots; with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Fleurie, which involved opening another bottle.


  1. At the moment, I’m struggling with our cable provider – for a change it’s not the computer!!
    After all that rain, I’m not surprised about the fungi.

  2. Thank you for not giving up on the stunning header to today’s post – the striking contrasts denote Winter is not far away… I have also had issues with this very frustrating problem.
    The covid situation is indeed a concern.
    Let’s keep a focus on the beauty and strength of nature, and understand our place in the world. Your photos help remind us. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you very much for the solidarity, Emma. It is especially useful to know you have the same uploading problem. I’m seeking advice on Monday and will post the results.

  3. I’m glad you were able to finally get the beautiful header and the other photos. WP likes to make things difficult, and also doesn’t always get along with Macs. That’s troubling about the shops. I don’t blame you for not going in. It seems like everything we consider doing now is weighted with those concerns

  4. It’s unfortunate that your store is not making people wear masks, really bad! The tower looks like a cell phone tower with its vertical, panel antennas. Have you tried rebooting your machine, that can sometimes help speed things up. I hope you get that figured out, it’s so annoying!

  5. I have also been having a hard time viewing your images lately. They take so long for my own computer to upload, that I often click your blog post, then walk away and do something else while I wait for images to upload. Sometimes they never do, and I base my comments on the ones I can see. Maybe the file sizes are larger than they were in the past? It didn’t used to take so long for me to open your blog posts, and I assumed it is my own slow Internet connection. Maybe it is. I wish it was not such a difficult process to get WP to accept your images. Having to re-try to upload so many times must be maddening.

    1. Thank you very much, Crystal. The sizes are the same as usual, but the problem has coincided with the new iMac Operating System installation. I’m going to ring my computer people about it on Monday.

  6. I have had that WP problem before but it has miraculously disappeared (touch wood) since I bought a new and more powerful laptop. My son has kindly assured me that I will be dead before the laptop gets old and tired. It has cured a large number of slow processes which I was blaming on the internet or program designers.

    The failure of the government and many voters to get to grips with current situation is puzzling. I can see that the government might want as many inconvenient old people to die as soon as possible but it is hard to believe that voters want to be rid of their grandparents. Where will the childcare come from?

  7. You made a wise decision to stay out of the shop, Derrick. I’m not a fan of eating mushrooms, but I do enjoy seeing the colorful ones that sprout after heavy rains. They grow so fast. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos today.

  8. Glad to hear you are keeping yourselves safe.
    So sorry to hear about your WP struggles. πŸ™ Hope you can find the help you need. Or things change for the better. Let us know what happens.
    So glad you didn’t give up on Silver Birch Against Sky! My fave photo today! πŸ™‚
    I am extroverted and friendly and love people…but this past year+ I’ve enjoyed my time with Mother Nature over time spent with certain people in public places. πŸ˜‰
    Fungi-s ? VS Fun-guys! ?
    I love both, but often this past year+ the Fungi-s ? have won out! πŸ˜‰ HA! πŸ˜› πŸ˜€
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚

  9. You were wise to flee to the safety of that beautiful forest. It is beyond comprehension why so many people are oppressed to wearing masks, but they are. And COVID rages on. Same is true in Maine, too. Unfortunately.

  10. I sympathise about the mask situation . I am going out less and less because of that. Not so much because of the Covid threat, I’m probably safer than most, but more because the other infections that are rife right now. I don’t want to catch anything that would make my breathing worse than it already is.

    I doubt the slow upload has anything to do with WordPress, it’s more likely to be your internet. Next time it’s slow just google Internet Speed Test and it will test and tell you how fast or slow your internet is right now.

    Also your images are very large and if the internet is running slow uploading them will take much longer than usual. Resizing will speed things up.

    Is this your new computer? Has the slow upload been like this since you began using it?

    1. This is the new computer – the problem has coincided with it. I don’t know how to resize the pics, but they are the same as they were before. The Internet Speed Test looks a good idea. Maybe I can manage that. Thanks for the advice Sue πŸ™‚

  11. Masks are mandatory in NZ, whatever lockdown or alert level you are in – public transport and businesses. Of course Auckland region, where I live have quite a few other restrictions in place and less if you live out of Auckland… Social distancing is also a big part of the whole thing – so if I’m out walking/exercise I don’t have to wear a mask (many do) but I have avoid someone else by at least 2 metres (not always possible) and sometimes its just a covidiot who doesn’t – a certain age group IMHO
    I’ve not gone into a crowded venue or had to stand at the door queue – and when things are delivered, I’m at the window but the packages are 2 metres away from the door… I occasionally get on a bus to come home, but that’s regulated on how many and which door to enter and so forth…

    As for your computer/picture issues – that’s not a skill I have πŸ™‚

  12. I’m sorry WP media is giving you so much trouble. How frustrating. At least you got the photos on your camera. Sometimes the forest is the best place to be.

  13. I hope you do not have another Covid outbreak. Here it is bad. Many of our ICU cases are being sent across Canada to Ontario. We just do not have the facilities or personnel to deal with our caseload.

  14. We don’t enter any area, shops or nursery that are overcrowded. However, we can’t enter a cafe, shop etc without masks, Covid check in on a QR app or sign in AND showing proof of double vaxed. (Or at least carry an exemption certificate) Then again, we’re in a “regional” town. I’m not sure if the bigger cities are having any success without to many riots.

    It’s good to be able to escape to quieter locations in short distances away from the chaos.

  15. I see from your responses that you are blaming the image loading problem on your new operating system, so hope it can be corrected. I still use the WP classic editor as it suits the way I compose my posts – whether on a whim or carefully thought out beforehand. South Africa is on Level 1 alert at present: the wearing of masks in public is mandatory as well as sanitising hands before entering any shop or meeting / consulting venue (the latter also requires a record of your temperature). Most people remain compliant, the exception being the student population of our university town.

    1. Thank you very much, Anne. Some other comments report a similar problem. At least ringing my supplier will help me to know where the problem lies. The very reason I use the block editor is because it suits my photography. Our government maintains trust in the population doing the right thing. This is half-term week, so we imagine all the children are here for the holidays.

  16. Cheers, Derrick! I now know what Fleurie tastes like – mmm! And I can picture Jackie in the car with her puzzle book while you wander about with your trusty camera. Sorry WP gave you such fits picture posting. Thanks for not giving up on the header. It’s a beautiful one!

  17. I use “Classic Editor” still, and if you can find your way back to it, that might help. My daughter’s theory is that the government are trying to kill off all the anti-vaxxers. Not sure I believe it, mind.

  18. Happy new Mac! Sorry about your uploading problems. You may know this but if not, here’s how you can resize an image. After editing your image, drag a copy of it from Photos on to your desktop. Double click on the image on your desktop to open it in Preview. Go to the main menu bar at the top of your screen. You should see the Preview menu. Click on Tools, then Adjust size. Alter the width (I use 1200 pixels, but you might want more depending on your theme, particularly for your header). The height alters proportionately as long as Scale proportionally under the dimensions remains ticked. Click OK. When you close the image, it will ask you if you want to save it. Saving it permanently alters the size of the image on your desktop but the original image in your files will remain as it was. If your images are really big it’s worth a try. Regarding masks, I am one of very few people still using them in shops here.

  19. It’s unfortunate that you are having issues with your images and hope the problem is resolved soon. Your banner is stunning and I enjoyed the photos of the fungi. I wear a mask when out and around even though others don’t.

  20. I occasionally get that message too, Derrick. When it happens, I’ve found that two things help. First, I clear my cache. If that doesn’t work, simply re-naming the photo takes care of the problem. Something as simple as changing the photo name from (for example) “tulip” to “tulip2” allows for the easy upload. Simply refreshing the page never has worked for me. I don’t think it’s related to the change in editors, because I can recall it happening even a few years ago, and it happens once in a while now, despite my still using the Classic editor.

    And by the way: I always have resized my photos, and I can get the message even with 1200×800 px images.

  21. What a pity that numbers are going up again, it seems the same everywhere, but it is hard to believe now while we are all vaccinated! Why that is I don’t know. Yes people are beginning to act as if there is no virus around at all or never was but the vaccine should have worked?!
    Anyway Derrick, glad you went to the forest and took such beautiful photos! Much enjoyed, thank you.

  22. I enjoyed the photos you were able to upload, Derrick an Jackie. What you saw at Ferndene is quite common here. At least one store in town has taken down the mask sign entirely. I hope there is no Christmas lockdown for either of us.

  23. Great photos! We are keeping away from busy places too….

    I’m getting the β€œcannot be uploaded because an error occurred during uploading” message a lot too. Even when I’m using the Gaming Computer (which should be fast and strong! ) so i’ve been blaming WP!

  24. That header photo is a stunner, Derrick. Very moody and chilly, to me. And I love the mushroom photos! I had a few glorious weeks back in March, after my vaccinations had taken hold, where I didn’t wear a mask to run into a store or the post office, but once everyone stopped wearing masks, I started wearing one again. And I still avoid crowds, so I would have done the same as you.

  25. Well Not to be a negative Nelly – but mists masks only filter 3% of particulates and even the higher end ones like N95 only keep out under 40%
    And I think there is a false sense of security with the masks in addition to the crazy rules about how when sitting can remove and whatnot
    And with that said – was at two stores today that did not require a mask and I had one on- kind of because I am so used to it but also just wanted to wear it – but on the Joe Rogan podcast they were talking about how masks might not do what we think they do

      1. Well
        I disagree with that too because even though it is purported as effective there is more evidence to show that it was rushed – hence some folks are on the third booster – and the many who have heart swollen outcomes and recently heard an interview with a nurse who talked about COVID arm.
        So in my very humble opinion – this is not the same as a polio shot or tetanus – quite the opposite – this gene manipulation is too early to know enough about and if you want to explore more (but I doubt anyone does because so many folks just take it at face value when abillion dollar companies – who have already been sued – are now trusted with a product that was rolled out rushed!) but Dr Zack Bush – Shawn Stevenson and Joe Rogan had some insightful things to saw – and Max recently interviewed a nurse who saw the very real
        Side effects of the vaccine on some folks )
        And so here is the thing
        – not to rant
        But to never mention the immune system and strengthening that is the real problem.
        “The terrain is all”
        And viruses can help us evolve and make us stronger and when the human body is strong and healthy – it can have resistance and recovery.
        My father n law was in the hospital for three days having his lungs drained after the shot – of course he had other health issues
        But again – there is something amiss with how this virus is being reported on and falseclaims about the vaccines available
        And blind faith is being put into a vaccine that is still a lab experiment –

  26. I do hope you do not have another lockdown…I am about to get my booster this week…though things are improving here, overall so far. I liked your pictures of the country so much, as ever, Derrick. Hope the computer glitch is fixed soon!

  27. Thank you for not giving up, Derrick. It’s a stunning shot. I hope the gremlins fade away soon. Meanwhile, I’m once again catching up…

  28. We seem to be overrun with holidaymakers too, who decline to wear their masks, observe social distancing, or demonstrate simple good manners. “I’m on holiday, I deserve a holiday, I’ll do as I please whilst on holiday….”

  29. I am sorry to hear about your struggles with WP, Derrick. Perhaps it’s the WP gremlins who are getting frisky close to Halloween.
    Your mushrooms look similar to the Russian ‘little foxes’ I have written about.

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