Setting Ducks Into Flight

This morning we began filling the new wardrobe, which meant bagging up for disposal many clothes we will never wear again.

Afterwards I posted

This afternoon we took a drive into the forest. Our first stops were at Pilley, where

the lake is beginning to recede once more, and

rippling water lines the edges with autumn leaves.

The crocheted letter collection box on Pilley Hill now prepares for Remembrance Day.

I called in at the Community Shop to find out who was the creator of these adornments changing with the seasons. Unfortunately the man on duty didn’t know, but advised me to call in during the week.

I settled for photographing cattle, calves, and walkers on the other side of the street.

Although one patch of blue sky separated clouds along the road to Hatchet Pond, louring billows, pierced by Jesus beams hung over the water, where pair of swans and their cygnets set a paddling of ducks into flight.

This evening we dined on oven fish and chips, peas, pickled onions, and chilli cornichons, with which we finished the Jurancon white wine.


  1. The sky looks rather angry today, great photos! It’s so sweet that someone is decorating the collection boxes from season to season, God bless them. And fish and chips? Yes, please! ?❤️??

  2. I love the Remembrance Day tribute on the mailbox! My favorite photo out of this group is the first louring sky. It has that feeling of our being but a speck in the vastness of the universe.

  3. To live in a place where mailboxes are anonymously decorated for remembrance and cows, pigs, ponies, and donkeys roam free seems quite idyllic.

  4. The series on Pilley Lake is shaping up well, catching various phases of the water body and the immediate neighbourhood. The decorator of the post box is one dedicated person. The photographs are moody and immersive. They are very refreshing too.

  5. Love the sky photos and the autumn leaves photos…the birds in action and the sweet bovine faces! Mother Nature was ready and waiting to have portraits done! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  6. Beautiful photos of the cloudscapes and I always enjoy photos of the animals. I love the crocheted ornaments on the letter boxes.

  7. Your weather there looks very much like ours has been, with wild, heavy clouds and sun attempting to beam through. That golden calf is absolutely beautiful!

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