A Sunset Seagull Squabble

We spent the morning packing up clothes and other items we won’t use again and storing them for charity shops or recycling outlets. One of Richard’s next projects is the entrance lobby. I also emptied a cupboard which is to be removed from there.

After lunch I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2021/11/07/a-knights-tale-60-i-come-a-cropper/

Later this afternoon we visited Mudeford for

the sunset.

Suddenly the air was rent by the screeching of squabbling seagulls, prompted

by a gentleman flinging food for them.

When satisfied, they soared towards the lowering sun or paddled at low tide.

Another photographer focused on the sunset, missing inland scenes.

Rows of masts stood out against the darkening skies while the rippling seas attempted to drive the light inland.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s spicy chicken jalfrezi and savoury rice, with onion bahji’s and a plain paratha, with which she drank Hoegaarden and I finished the zinfandel.


  1. Funny, you mentioned squabbling seagulls and I could hear them! I can remember it from way back in my memory – thanks, Derrick!

  2. Derrick I absolutely love seagulls and the sounds they make – whatever it is called πŸ™‚ Your sunset photos are very beautiful too, loving them and finally your end of post kind of gives me ideas for what I could be cooking too, sometimes I really run out of ideas. Cheers!

    1. Thank you so much, Jodie. I took a couple of shots of him as the group walked along – then saw the potential of the photographer – but, as you say, the boy was the real subject.

  3. Your sunset seagull squabble of photos is simply superbly sensational! πŸ™‚
    We used to live less than 7 miles from the Pacific Ocean and spent a lot of time there. I could watch the seagulls for hours!
    PS…a photo from your past post Full PPE popped in up ^ there and your Mum’s beautiful smile brought me such joy. I miss hearing about her and seeing her here in your blog. <3

  4. I suppose squabbling seagulls at sunset, are there to remind us about squabbling politicians at the “Climate Change Conference” …

    1. I’m amazed at how much there is. Now we have to find places where it will be found useful – and distribute it. Thanks very much, Laurie. Good luck with your efforts

  5. Looking at these gulls through your camera’s eyes shows how amazing these winged creatures are and, like sunsets, not to be taken for granted.

  6. The warmth of sunsets never fail to please and offset the moment of sadness when night takes over. Sunrises too are the gift of a new day. I have missed that this morning because … it is actually raining lightly outside!

  7. Seagulls can be so entertaining!

    Cleaning out cupboards and drawers is a worthwhile thing to do.

  8. Beautiful photos – telling of a busy day and evening both inland and out to sea. Your description of the ‘squabbling seagulls’ is indeed evocative… as is the lovely image of the photographer and red hugger – for all the business, it looks as though yesterday was a happy day. And it sounds as though progress continues at home with your refurbishment project too!

  9. I do love the gulls. We have a species here called laughing gulls, and when they start, it’s a rare person who can keep from joining in. Yes, they’re raucous, and they can be messy, but they’re great entertainment.

  10. The sunset photos are glorious! Also, your great shots of the gulls bring fond memories of when I used to live near the shore.

  11. The ocean or sea and seagulls belong to each other. It is impossible to imagine one without the other. It doesn’t matter whether somebody like it or not they exist as it is. With no seagulls the big water does not have any sense.
    Beautiful sunset scenario!

  12. In the picture above “by a gentleman flinging food for them.”, the third gull in the front row, the very beigey white one, looks to me like a Mediterranean Gull, which is not rare on the south coast, but unusual judging by all your other photographs.

  13. If the gentleman throwing bread to the seagulls was keeping them away from
    other people’s fish and chips that is a good thing.

    As it decluttering and helping a good cause.

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