From Moonrise To Sunset

While I scrapped more archived papers Jackie added them to continued burning of garden refuse this morning. As I had better luck uploading pictures today, I have used this one that I had given up on yesterday.

Richard and Alan fitted the doors to the entrance lobby and to the airing cupboard. The chest of drawers shown beside the airing cupboard is to go.

Early this afternoon Helen and Bill visited and enjoyed coffee and inspecting the work of Kitchen Makers.

Towards twilight we took a drive into the forest.

The moon rose to grace the pastel canopy over Paul’s Lane, Coombe Lane and the Burley Road from Norleywood. A murder of crows assembled on telegraph wires, and trees wore their autumn clothing.

We were back home in time for sunset.

This evening we dined on oven fish and chips, peas, pickled onions and chilli cornichons with which we both drank Val di Salis Chardonnay 2020.


  1. It is very unusual to see craftsmen nowadays with chisel. Most of the guys today use the modern tools. But I like to see the old school boys and use this tool when it is necessary.
    By the way the picture with the moon just beautiful.

  2. That bonfire photo is very scary to a Southern Californian — the leaves on the ground here are so dry that even one small spark could cause a major conflagration!. For that reason, bonfires are completely banned at this time, even in backyards! It’s good to see such progress on the house, and I always love your scenery photos, especially those with weather and sunsets!

  3. The last picture of the moon on Paul Lane is incredible. If you were to now paint a copy of that image, no one would believe it had been real.

  4. I can’t pick a favourite. They’re all just amazing including the one of Jackie – there’s always something fascinating in the flames. A wheelbarrow bon-fire? Now that’s’ different.

  5. Your header photo is magnificent. Glad you had better luck with uploading today.
    The colour of your new doors is sublime – and compliments that of the evening forest skies perfectly!

  6. YAY for all the good work being done! πŸ™‚
    Glad things went better to day with uploading!
    The moon, crows, clouds, and trees are giving you their bestest faces! Great photos of them!
    Ah, that sunset! Ah, that moon glow! Ah, that autumn clothing the trees are wearing! Gorgeous!
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚

  7. The moon image is beautiful, such a relief that you managed the upload.
    There’s something special about trees at sunset but on this occasion the moon picture outshines it! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you very much, Jill. We sped along the road to get that shot over a more open stretch of moorland and thought we had lost it, but the moon had only hidden behind cloud.

  8. I had been thinking that maybe you could burn some of those papers to give the shredder a break. The soft blues of the moonrise are very comforting. I like the blue doors, too.

  9. So many beautiful images, Derrick! I wish I could find such expert craftsmen as Richard and Alan from Kitchen Makers to do necessary improvements to our home.

  10. putting the garden to bed for winter – but also making sure that prep for spring can come together without all the twigs and leaves of the season before…

  11. Those moon photos are outstanding! Glad you were able to upload that one of Jackie and the fire finally. I liked that one because I can relate. I’ve been burning here, too. What wonderful work by the Kitchen Makers. Good idea to have windows in the entry lobby door – being able to see through will be much better. And no trip hazard!

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