This Last Afternoon Of November

David Chesworth, who understands the degrees of family relationships, and knows he is my second cousin once removed, this morning sent me his version of yesterday’s

sunset that he named Le Dragon.

I really do think I finished with the paperwork today as I emptied the second little cabinet that stood beside my desk, and Jackie and I carried it to the shed to await disposal.

After lunch I wandered around the garden, once more in a temperature warm enough for shirtsleeves, and photographed

the garden just as it is on this last afternoon of November. Each image in the gallery bears a title.

Later, I posted

This evening we dined on more of Jackie’s tasty sausages in red wine with fresh vegetables. The Culinary Queen drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Merlot.


  1. The garden is looking better, I saw a video today on the latest storm that tore your garden up. A really potent storm, the sea was crashing the north coast I think, creating some massive waves.

  2. Seems the beauty of your and Jackie’s garden never really fades, regardless of season! And Le Dragon is magnificent! Cheers to David for sharing this whimsical image. ??

  3. Le Dragon is indeed looking very beautiful – and friendly!
    And your garden is still as wonderfully colourful as ever… Gosh, your ‘carpet rose’ is a picture – does it always flower so well into the winter; what a burst of smiles!

    1. Thank you very much, Emma. That one is so prolific that it has to be cut back to keep it from covering the path. I don’t remember it being so bold at this time before.

  4. Happy Dec 1st! 🙂
    Spectacular sunset photos! Love the fiery dragon! YAY, David! 🙂
    In the garden, I spotted birds (including one owl) and dragons! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  5. Short Sleeves? It’s hats gloves and scarves up here, the air is bitter cold and hits as soon as we step out of the door.

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