Preparation For Christmas

Jackie spent much of the day cooking masses of curry and other dishes in preparation for her traditional Boxing Day extended family event, which, of course we had been forced to cancel last year.

Here are peppers frying, some diced beef undergoing pressure cooking, and pots of ingredients ready for their turn.

For the last twelve years an antique wall cupboard has stood on the floor because we couldn’t find a suitable place to hang it. Today our Maintenance Department had the idea of standing it on top of the Chinese cupboard in the hall, and, taking a break from her culinary efforts, she helped me lift it up there, and photographed it afterwards.

Further preparation for our holiday visitors was the removal of much furniture and stuff dumped in other bedrooms while the new upstairs sitting room was being refurbished. I completed the task of temporarily returning them to the new room, pending decisions about where to dispose of much of it.

Afterwards I posted

This evening we dined on Jackie’s spicy pasta arrabbiata and tender runner beans with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Macon.


  1. The preparations look absolutely scrumptious. The wall cupboard now has a most appropriate home, and serves the Chinese cupboard as a wonderful companion. Derrick, you and Jackie have a beautiful home, all the work is certainly paying off! Have a wonderful holiday celebration.

  2. I’ve been know to do the stack a cupboard/bookcase on a cupboard/bookcase track myself. Your stacked cabinets look great; the top one balances out the grandfather clock.

  3. Jackie’s Boxing day meal preperations look and sound scrumptious Derrick .. did my “Perceptions” PDF email come through for you … It’s an old email address that I seldom use …

  4. The cupboard looks rather good place upon the other. Good idea, Jackie

    Jackieโ€™s Christmas preparations sound very much like the ones that are going on next door. My preparations and contributions seem to be less and less as each year goes by.

  5. There’s a feeling of satisfaction when furniture comes together like that. The peppers look yummy. ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy the preparations!

  6. The pasta dinner sounds delicious. I like how you placed the one piece of furniture on the other. Simple solution, eh? Your hardware floors are beautiful. Isnโ€™t a refinished, or new, hardwood floor a beautiful addition to a house? It all looks nice for your holiday gathering.

  7. The antique cupboard strikes a chord with the grandfather clock bidding time next to it. The Maintenace Department has chosen an apt station for the old companion.

  8. The two of you are hard to keep up with! I’ve baked a Christmas fruit cake and some biscuits in preparation for our family get-together … that counts. Actually, it is so hot here that the very thought of spending time in the kitchen is off-putting. All signs are there that your festive preparations will be enjoyed by many … we wait with bated breath to see if the provincial borders will remain open …

    1. It is still controversial over here – much argument about whether we should have further restrictions with the surge of Omicron. I’ve never understood the need for traditional Christmas dinners in hot climes. Thanks very much, Anne.

  9. Ooh, well done, Jackie – that’s the way to do it! So much better than slaving over a hot stove when guests have arrived! I can imagine how wonderfully aromatic your house smelt yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m admiring your kitchen worktops and tiles too – beautifully contrasting textures that look perfect together!

  10. Maintenance department deserves a bonus ?- the arrangement looks great! Your chef is working hard! Iโ€™m sure the festivities will be wonderful! Fingers crossed for no lockdown ?

  11. Your home is looking so good! You two know how to get it done – and now you’re teaching Christmas and Boxing Day how to do it!!

  12. I’ve done nothing about Christmas, other than the odd chat with folk. Somehow right now it’s not terribly important, what is more important of me overcoming FOGO including going places not been in for over 3.1/2 months in addition to lots of people milling around in enclosed spaces…I hadn’t realised how anxious I would get!

    I’ve done the “stacked” trick before but currently my home has a lot of spare wall space…

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