A Knight’s Tale (80: Samson’s Welcome)

We have seen, in https://derrickjknight.com/2021/12/05/a-knights-tale-74-if-you-know-this-dog-please-return-him-to-his-owner/ that Piper was a Soho stray. We acquired a cat in a similar way. After two days and nights of a black kitten crying on our doorstep we had allowed him inside and accepted him as a member of the family. He was named Soho.

When, in March 1980, we moved from Horse and Dolphin Yard to Gracedale Road, London, SW16, our feline friend jumped into the van, and refused to budge.

This photograph of Jessica was taken shortly before Sam’s birth, in University College Hospital in Euston Road, on 19th.

Sam 21.6.80

Here is the new arrival at two days old. He must have had decent fingernails, hence the protective mittens.

Cradled by his Mum he slept peacefully,

Jessica and Sam 21.6.80 6

then shared his first joke with her,

Matthew and Sam 21.6.80 2

and was introduced into the eager arms of Matthew

Becky and Sam 21.6.80 1

and Becky.

Gracedale Road was to be our home until 1987.


  1. A good way to acquire pets. I was always bringing home strays, including a horse, but inevitably they ended up being handed up at the local police station.

  2. It sounds like your kitty friend Soho knew a good family when he saw one, and decided to come along with you when you moved. 🙂 Those are beautiful photos of little Samson and family, Derrick.

  3. We have ended up with pets in much the same way. Alas, no more. Photographs of a newborn baby are so very special. That is when we realise there is no limit to our love.

  4. Sweet! Such precious photos capturing a most wonderful day…the welcoming of Sam! He looks so peaceful and happy! 🙂 We can see how much he is loved! 🙂

    Pretty often pets pick us…they adopt us. And it is so good! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  5. It’s always nice to see the older siblings holding the new baby so lovingly. Thank you for adopting the stay cat who must’ve been well loved, too.

  6. Aw, I love to hear about people who take in stray animals. It’s so hard to say no. The photos of the new babe and his mum and siblings are so precious. Such love in everyone’s eyes. Thank you for sharing, Derrick.

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