Late Afternoon In Ran’s Wood

Many hours of my life have been spent tramping the streets of London. These consequently appear on many of my blog posts, although one series has been particularly dedicated to them From 2004 to 2008 inclusive I made hundreds of photographs with the constraint that the road name must be included in the picture. They featured from Streets Of London posted 21st May 2015 to Tyburnia And Other Parts Of West London on 30th January 2021.

Having recently been alerted to the reader-friendly possibility of creating new categories, such as that of “A Knight’s Tale” I spent much of today converting the above-mentioned series from “Uncategorised” to “Streets of London”.

Towards the later part of this afternoon we took a forest drive.

Driving down Furzey Lane to Ran’s Wood Jackie was able to stop the car and photograph a plethora of pheasants through her window.

She parked up and I wandered the woodland, with its soggy terrain; its browsing ponies; its lichen covered trees; its burnished bracken; and just one pair of walkers.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s spicy pork paprika and savoury vegetable rice. She drank Carlsberg and I drank Patrick Chodot Fleurie 2019.


  1. Love seeing sun burnish the rump of the pony. Wish I could paint a scene like capturing that lovely glow. The pheasants are gorgeous birds. Great group of photos and dinner sounds delicious too.

  2. The pheasants are beautiful, well done, Jackie! The woodlands are beautiful too. Your dinner again sounds so delicious, I’d love to try the rice. ❤️🇬🇧

  3. I especially enjoyed the ferns and trees in that middle section. The light makes them all especially attractive — autumnal rather than wintery.

  4. Number 2 & 3 shots of the pheasant s are tre bien. The walkers seem very determined to reach their goal, whatever it is! A wonderful gallery of the forest, Derrick.

  5. I have tried on umpteen occasions to get closeups of the pheasants, but the moment they hear a slight sound from my direction, they hurry off and hide. I have managed the occasional shot but usually when there’s been other noise going on.

    As always, you chose great photos today.

  6. Pheasants are so smart – I always think they remind me of country gents, all togged up and surveying ‘their estate’!
    The phonies look as though they’re basking in golden sunshine; are we really in January?!

  7. I enjoyed the gently rolling landscape, the burnished bracken (and pony rump) and the enthusiastic walkers, looking up at what?

  8. Categories are a good idea, even though I think I have too many, or too many sub-categories. However, I “think” they should be included in the post theme so followers can click on them. e.g. take a look at the top of my posts. I’m not sure whether that means choose a different theme for your blog, or whether it is simply a matter of clicking on a widget under APPEARANCE – MENUS

  9. I haven’t seen pheasants in a mighty long time! I love the ponies. And don’t those two walkers appear to be trying to get to one point in the woods? Do you know what they were looking at?

  10. The pheasants are very handsome fellows. My favorite photo out of today’s group is #3 in the group of 19. Yesterday, my husband and I were driving on the highway when I saw three spotted pigs trotting down a side road by themselves. I immediately thought of you, but we went by too fast for me to get a photo.

  11. Beautiful pheasants, Derrick. And, of course, the countryside is so attractive. Nice to see the country away from the city. My wife has picked up a British series on NETFLIX, I believe. Called ‘Escape To The Country’ (something along that line). Excellent show.

      1. We enjoy the British shows, buying country homes, the long boats on the ‘Cut’ (is that the right word?), traveling through all the small towns. I keep looking for your place. For the third time, what’s your town? By the way, i wanted your email address (had it once but can’t find it) so I can send you a modification if a picture you took. I screen snapped it and then played with it. All my best to you and the ‘culinary queen’. Stay well.

          1. Yes, ‘Cruising the Cut’. We enjoyed watching the young gentleman who quit his job, bought a boat and went on the canals. Fascinating. Dull at times but we’re rather boring, ourselves, so…

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