The Redcoats Looked To Their Priming

This morning I posted

After lunch I scanned the next eight pages of Charles Keeping’s illustrations to ‘The Highwayman’.

Frances e-mailed me a photograph to print for Elizabeth’s birthday today.

Here she holds Grandson Jack. We gave it to her this evening when dining at The Filly Inn outside Brockenhurst. Jackie and I started with tasty French onion soup. Elizabeth didn’t opt for a starter; Jackie’s main course was a pulled beef burger with chips, onion rings and salad; my sister’s choice was a lamb shank with Dauphinoise potatoes and vegetable. I settled for steak and ale pie with chips and vegetables after the chef had declined to cook rib eye steak because he decided the meat was not good enough. Jackie’s dessert was sticky toffee pudding; mine and Elizabeth’s poached pear. Having drunk two glasses of very good Merlot I was beyond registering the beers for which the ladies opted.The service and cooking was excellent.


  1. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!!!
    ? ??? ? ? ?
    What a precious photo of her and Jack! A gift, indeed! 🙂
    The birthday meal sounds so yummy!
    Birthday-HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…once again, Mr. Keeping’s attention to detail captures me in!

  2. I can tell Elizabeth loves holding her grandson. The photo is a comforting contrast to The Highwayman illustrations, though I do like the moonlight.

  3. A wonderful meal enjoyed by the three of you in celebration of Elizabeth’s birthday. I am glad she is well and feel sure her birthday was a special one.

  4. The illustrations capture the drama.
    Such a lovely photo of Elizabeth and grandson Jack. I like how her reflection is caught in the mirror, too.
    It sounds like a wonderful, convivial dinner!

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