Tower Blocks

I am now posting the second half of the pages of this book the first of which was published yesterday as Here are the pages written by Marian Lines and illustrated by Charles Keeping. As before these images may be enlarged in the gallery. These will speak for themselves, and need no further commentContinue reading “Tower Blocks”

Seventies City Celebrations

This morning I scanned the double spread pages of of which this is the book jacket, and this, the Title Page and Frontispiece. As will be apparent, my scanner cannot take the entire width of the book so I have, perforce, trimmed each side taking care to nip off the less important elements. The smallContinue reading “Seventies City Celebrations”

‘Bleak House’ Comes To The End

Last night I finished reading my Folio Society edition of ‘Bleak House’ By Charles Dickens. First published in instalments from March 1852 to August 1853, this is a superb novel from a writer at the peak of his powers. As is my wont I will not provide details of the story which other readers mayContinue reading “‘Bleak House’ Comes To The End”

Four More Chapters

This afternoon I posted Later, after reading four more chapters of ‘Bleak House’, I scanned another set of Charles Keeping’s inimitable illustrations. ‘Mrs Bagnet proposes a departure’ contains three of the artist’s portraits. ‘Clattering over the stones at a dangerous pace’ presents Mr Keeping’s sense of movement; his mastery of perspective is demonstrated byContinue reading “Four More Chapters”

A Double Spread

Taking it easy today, I posted after lunch, and then scanned four more of Charles Keeping’s superb illustrations to ‘Bleak House’. The artist’s emotional breadth is displayed in ‘She drew his head down on her breast, and held it there’ ‘ ‘I would rather be hanged in my own way,’ ‘ ‘Mr Tulkinghorn shutContinue reading “A Double Spread”

A Keeping Range

I felt so much better today that I was beginning to get itchy feet, especially when Jackie and Flo went for a shopping trip this afternoon. Common sense prevailed and I stayed at home and read four more chapters of ‘Bleak House’. Earlier, I had posted Later, I scanned the next set of CharlesContinue reading “A Keeping Range”

Concentration Returning

For the last few days I have really been very out of sorts. With all the symptoms of the onset of a heavy cold, including a temperature above normal, a developing sore throat, and the inability to focus on much at all we have come to the conclusion that we have all met with theContinue reading “Concentration Returning”

Probate Administration And Four More Chapters

With all three ladies having streaming head colds, no-one was going anywhere today. This afternoon I scanned and e-mailed to the cemetery officials a copy of Mum’s grant of probate. Apparently this is necessary to have our mother’s name added to our father’s gravestone. I then focussed on completing a form for recovery of JeanContinue reading “Probate Administration And Four More Chapters”


This afternoon I posted Later, I read more of ‘Bleak House’ and scanned three more of the inimitable Charle Keeping’s illustrations to my Folio Society edition. ‘She fell down on her knees’ ‘Mr Grubble was standing at the door to his tavern’ ‘Not only was the portrait there, but we found the original thereContinue reading “Multitasking”

Grandfather Smallweed

Much of this afternoon was spent on the administration required to access the funds from Mum’s estate. An hour was spent in Barclay’s Bank in Lymington. Before then, Ian, who had driven me, pointed out that I had erroneously entered Lloyd’s Bank. We then had to find Barclay’s. Next, I had to wait for theContinue reading “Grandfather Smallweed”