Garden Rescue

Today was fine and clear – perfect conditions for Elizabeth’s garden makeover.

On the way there we drove into Pilley along a lane dividing sheep from goats.

Jackie produced a few before pictures of the project before her battery died.

I photographed the work in progress, identification of the participants given in the galleries.

A splendid buffet lunch was provided by Danni, the Events Organiser, after which Isla mothered Jack.

Work, such as sawing up the fallen sumac and bed-making continued, while acrobatics were undertaken on the lawn.

It was then my battery’s turn to die, so Jackie and I returned home to recharge them both, after which we went back to Burnt House lane to join the others for Jackie’s chicken curry, savoury rice, samosas, and onion bahjis. Her delicious mixed fruit crumble was to follow, but I couldn’t eat anything more after the first course. I’m not sure who drank what, but I drank virtually non-alcoholic (0.5%) Adnams Ghost Ship.

I matched Jackie’s earlier before the work garden views with some afters.


  1. Delightful pictures of a pleasant day of accomplishments. I was wondering about Jackie’s chicken curry until it made an appearance later in the day. Glad the weather cooperated.

  2. Just switching off for the night and caught you just as you posted ?
    You made good progress today and that’s what I call team-handed! Fantastic job.
    Hope you’re still feeling okay following your little off day.

  3. What a wonderful day indeed – memorable for all, I’m sure.
    And what a great team too – clearly all helping, in one way or another..!
    I have to also say that the sheep who has dipped her nose into the Charcoal Black paint is absolutely lovely 🙂

  4. What a splendid day! I love how everyone got together for this garden makeover, even the children. Jackie’s dinner sounds wonderful!
    The sheep and goat photos were a bonus. They’re so cute.

  5. This is exactly what I needed to see after worrying today about your health. The photos are wonderful! I love the goats and sheet, too. The garden looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing, Derrick. I hope you’re feeling better.

  6. Cute shots of the sheep and goats. Well tended herds: can tell by the ear tags. Lots of good work done on the garden. (Jackie is very photogenic! Please share with her) Helpful children also are a treat for the grownup gang too.

  7. Seeing the children and adults working outside and having fun gives me feelings of health and vitality. It’s great that you captured these memories of a perfect day.

  8. I suspect all that effort will be well rewarded. It will be great for the human kids to see the results of their work, a bit down the road. I wondered about the black and white critters; I decided they were baby sheep, but they could have been goats. Their coloring seems to be quite different from the adult sheep. Maybe a species characteristic.

  9. The event is bristling with intense restorative actions that have been captured promptly by the avid shooters. The candid images are extremely interesting and convey the congeniality of the moment.

  10. It is so great when everyone chips in to do some of the work. I would love to see more after pictures of this group effort. The kids look so cute, you took perfect pictures of them

  11. Wow! Great teamwork!!! I love it when the friends, family, and neighbors all come together to complete a project that would be impossible for one or two to do alone. Great images of all the dear helpers! And then Jackie’s chicken curry, savoury rice, samosas, and onion bahjis to top it all off. Oh my!! Sounds too good to be true. Makes my mouth water. I am so glad you all were so generous with your time and resources. But then, it doesn’t surprise me. That’s your nature! <3 <3

  12. What a big day! Wonderful pictures, and you got so much accomplished! I bet Elizabeth is itching to get to work in her new gardens. I also loved the goats. They always make me laugh when I see them around here – hopping sideways and standing on things like dorks.

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