Decidedly Bedraggled

Albeit lightly at first, yet with increasing heaviness, steady rain fell throughout the day.

Jackie has woken developing a cold, so late this morning we drove to Hordle Pharmacy to buy some Day and Night Nurses and pain relief.

Another tree has been destroyed in Sway Road.

Afterwards we took a short forest drive. Our section of the A35,

up to the land of the Oak Craft company, has been partially closed for a couple of years, and partially so for a good six months.

This is to permit the widening and strengthening of the road bridge over the disused railway near Holmsley. The anticipated completion date is now early in April, which, if effective, will be a relief to us and to many more who have received far more traffic of all shapes and sizes trying to find alternatives to this major route through the forest. We have at least three times the vehicles passing our front door on the A337 than usual, and regularly come face to face with mechanical monsters on our small winding lanes. Everywhere signs crop up pleading for care and reduced speed because of animals on the road. Confusing diversions proliferate, and affect even our short journeys.

On our way to Bisterne Close there was hardly a pony in sight – they sought shelter where they could.

The woodland off the Close was the best that some could find. Nevertheless those I wandered amongst were decidedly bedraggled.

This evening we dined on second helpings of Jackie’s wholesome cottage pie with fresh vegetables. I drank more of the Douro.


  1. Get well Jackie, hope it’s just a cold. As for bedraggled ponies…all care they don’t get sick. Fixing roads in NZ is a national pastime…with detours.

  2. Get well soon. That bridge closure would be a bugger. The railway station restaurant underneath was Mums favourite in her last few years. And the road from there towards Brockenhurst, built on the bed of the old railway embankment wasn’t shown on OS maps when we arrived in 1970 to my father’s disdain – triggering correspondence!

  3. All good wishes to Jackie for a speedy recovery.
    And a good sleep tonight.
    Your header photo of the absolutely adorable pony’s face – with his deep, shaggy winter coat is so lovely – particularly clever if, as you say, there were not many ponies around today. I think we all need a winter coat like that – then no one would ever get colds…

  4. Firstly, I hope Jackie gets well soon.
    You seem to have suffered from our miserable rainy weather. Today we had a beautiful calm sunny day that was most welcome. Unfortunately, I believe your grey skies are once more heading north up our way.

  5. Hope Jackie feels better soon. Your woods look like ours does because of our heavy wet January snows. Broken tree limbs and splintered trunks still abound over a month later, but the debris on the roads has cleared. Poor ponies.

  6. I walked Frankie in some misty rain this morning, and we not bedraggled at all when arrived back home Derrick… It was a mild 23’C and clouds were dissipating

      1. That is the question – as my catalogue of culinary crimes grows ever longer I become more and more aware that the ability to cook and the ability to cook well are two different skills. 🙂

  7. Here is wishing a speedy recovery to the Commander of the Garden and Roads, and Lieutenant of the Abiding Photographer. Ponies definitely look bedraggled enough to justify the powerful expression.

  8. I’m sorry you have the extra traffic challenges and hope things clear up soon, including Jackie’s cold. Take care!

  9. I’d never heard of Day and Night Nurses, so after a little fun imagining what that might entail, I looked it up. A medication! In the process, however, I learned that in Houston there’s a home health service called Nurses Night and Day. Obviously, a good name can be applied in multiple ways. I hope Jackie’s feeling better with the help of her ‘nurses.’

  10. Animals looking soggy and bedraggled in the rain always draw my sympathy – not that we get to see them very often anymore! I add my good wishes for Jackie’s quick recovery.

  11. Poor Jackie, she has my sympathy. Hopefully it will soon pass. Hopefully it won’t make it’s way over to you, Derrick!

  12. When we used to go on holiday to Cornwall, we encountered exactly the same kind of idiot drivers that you speak of, They drove down country lanes as if they had a divine guarantee that there would never be any oncoming traffic.

  13. Sorry to hear Jackie wasn’t feeling well, but she still went out for the day’s pictures!! Please give her my best wishes for a speedy recovery.
    You picked the right word when you said bedraggled, Derrick!!

  14. I hope Jackie feels better soon and the ponies look rather bedraggled. I feel a spring day is due in your area making everything warm and bright!

  15. Wishing Jackie a speedy recovery, Derrick. At least you and Jackie took turns getting sick, and were able to look out for each other.

    Those poor ponies do look bedraggled. We are back in warmer, rainier weather here. The sky is a uniform grey and the mists are staying close to the hilltops this morning.

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