Chasing Shadows

When I ventured out into the early chilly spring sunshine to photograph the shadows it cast on the western fence I had no idea that this would be

the last I would see of it today.

This afternoon I posted

We dined this evening on further portions of Jackie’s pasta arrabbiata with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Appassimento.


  1. Did you mean spring? We have had days like that, where the morning sun is strong, but short lived. Today we never saw the sun, and possibly may not until near sundown. That has been the trend of late. If we are lucky, the last golden beams will close the day.

  2. Great pictures and what Lavinia asked…;) It beautiful sunny day here in Central Virginia–got to the low 60s today, upper 70s tomorrow, and almost 80 on Monday–then back to our standard mid-low 50s after that.

  3. I enjoyed your shadow studies. There is something about light and shadow that is ending fascinating. My favorite out of the group is the header photo.

  4. Out of the shadows a haiku evolves …

    “Tomorrow’s Shadows”

    Shadows of today
    Preceed tomorrow’s darkest clouds
    Silhouettes of doom

  5. I love seeing shadows, I always have the urge to sit down with black paper and scissors and create shadow pictures just like we used to. These days though, we’d probably find a digital way to do that.

  6. I definitely took a bit of a shock…decided you were showing us last year’s photographs as I know you could fly to the southern hemisphere where it’s definitely become Autumn especially early morning…

  7. I can tell you enjoyed capturing these shadows. I especially like the shadows and light on the daffodils and the flax.

  8. I enjoy the play of light and shadow and you have shown us some very fine examples of this. Were you confined to barracks? I hope this was not because Jackie felt too under the weather for an outing.

  9. Those are very interesting pictures. The cutout looks better in the silhouette; the owl is so cute! You have extracted a goodly number of shadows from a truant sun.

  10. I’m so sorry this is a worse day for Jackie. She is feeling the darkness of the shadows, I imagine. Please give her our love and tell her we are praying for her health and for your sunny day tomorrow. <3 <3

  11. I’m glad to read that Jackie’s feeling a bit better. These things do take time. I loved your shadow photos. They remind me of a poem from childhood: Robert Louis Stevenson’s “My Shadow.” Like so many his poems, that one’s stayed with me over the years.

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