On Tarmac And Moorland

This morning we worked on completing our preparation of guest bedrooms for reasons which will become clear tomorrow.

After lunch we took a forest drive.

Having seen a very large foal being suckled in a field on Jordans Lane I stepped out of the car and sank into autumn leaves in a dry ditch, by which time the ponies had and diverted their attention to me. I was then

distracted by raucous rooks cawing from above.

Further along the road donkeys in the process of shedding their winter coats wandered among the traffic or hugged the verges.

Cattle and ponies shared the moorland off Bull Hill.

Ponies dined by the roadside, spilling onto the tarmac of East Boldre;

walkers led by a dog carrying a branch approached from the distance;

while another equine tore at juicy grass piercing the surface of a puddle.

This evening we dined on pepperoni pizza, hot and spicy prawns, and fresh salad with which I finished the Bierzo.


  1. As the animals are showing us, Springtime is on the horizon!
    (We’re having record high temperatures, but it should cool off by Sunday thank goodness. Air conditioning in March is just ridiculous.)

  2. I was wondering why the donkeys were looking so shaggy, they are cute though. The photos of the trees are ethereal, love them! I hope that the ponies, donkeys aren’t hit by cars.

  3. The white nosed, white footed pony nibbling the grass in the puddle must have chosen to do so in order to watch his reflection in the water as he ate – he’s extremely pretty!
    It sounds as though you may have a busy weekend in store…:-)

  4. Still got aircon on here, but the mornings are working on Autumn and therefore the nights are cooler.

    The New Forest animals look happy with the situation

  5. So many wonderful photos. The donkeys really do get shaggy winter coats.
    I like the ponies in silhouette and the white cow next to them who looks regal and crowned by flowers.

  6. All seems calm and well in the New Forest animal kingdomโ€ฆ except for the noisy rooks bickering over whose nest it was last year!

  7. Your donkeys remind me of ours. Now you need some goats. Gorgeous pictures. Will look forward to tomorrow’s reveal.๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ

  8. The moorland hills seem romantic. Maybe that’s why the cows seem so content with their daydreams. The shaggy ponies and donkeys always make me think of brushing them. Good thing I don’t see them in person.

  9. The raucous cries emanating form intricate lattice of branches containing nests have been correctly identified as the source of unwelcome greetings. Those pictures are so powerful I had no difficulty hearing the ravenous cacophony. I like the images where the ponies are standing still bunched to the middle-left of the road. The cows embellished with earring tags look content. The picture with two cows on the incline to the right with the bush like tree in the middle in silhouette is very pleasing. The dog carrying the twig is so happy, and I have a feeling it will have to shed the temporary toy at some time with no small degree of willingness. That also is an engrossing picture.

  10. A delightful series of peaceful scenes … calm before the excitement that makes cleaning the guest bedrooms necessary ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. What a wonderful drive you had through the forest! But sinking in to fall leaves? Itโ€™s spring time! Whatโ€™s happening? The picture of the pony close up, munching on the grass is my favorite today.

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