In mid-morning a smoky burnished golden brown cupola had descended over Downton. By lunchtime rain had set in for the day. Afterwards I posted

Peering through a rain-smeared windscreen Jackie and I took a drive in search of wet ponies.

On a soggy bank beside Hatchet Pond damp donkeys tore at prickly hedges, while the usual

pair of mallards occupied the waterlogged terrain seeming to extend the pond on the banks of which

gulls sat with dripping feathers.

More sodden donkeys sought sustenance beneath naked trees at East Boldre;

hardy ponies on the moor were shrouded in rain-mist.

This very much seasonal reflecting pool is filling up once more.

Sopping ponies pastured along Tanners Lane, at the end of which

fresh pools had formed at the entrance to the beach.

This evening Becky and Flo cooked a very tasty chicken risotto which we all enjoyed. Becky and Ian drank Zesty white; Jackie drank Pinot Blush; and I drank more of the Monastrell.


          1. It’s just in my nature to be kind, and giving. πŸ™‚ Especially when it comes to the “l” foods.

  1. Wow, that’s a soggy day! Send some rain over here to our drought-stricken desert southwest, please. ❀️

    1. I must find a recipe for this, or ask our resident Italian cook to demonstrate this at our next U3A (University of the Third Age) session of Food, Glorious Food.

  2. You and Jackie have such a great sense of adventure not letting the rain stop you. That soggy mossy branch looks like a big snake.

  3. A wet start to spring Derrick .. Happy St Patrick’s Day … I’m about to leave to go Irish Murphy’s pub .. a short 15min bus trip for me and I’ll be having a few Guinness (maybe more) with my Irish mate who is from Cork, .. I might AWOL in the blogging world tomorrow .. ?

  4. You even make a cold, wet and miserable looking day seem cheerful and attractive. I particularly enjoy the rain-smeared windscreen πŸ™‚

  5. It’s going to be raining here all day today, but I won’t go out to take photos, so thank you for yours. ?
    I particularly like the mist and the reflections. That beach looks desolate.
    I would go for the Monastrell, too.

  6. You two turned a nasty day into one of creative images – but my favorite is the donkey in silhouette behind the bare branches.

  7. A dreich day there, Derrick and Jackie, but you have made the best of it. The donkeys and ponies do look pretty wet, and I am sure will appreciate some warm sun when it emerges again.

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