Revenge Is Sweet

This morning I posted

While Ian and I watched the Six Nations rugby matches between Italy and Wales and between Ireland and Scotland, the ladies went on a shopping trip this afternoon.

My post featured the story of a sticker and its passing backwards and forwards in a family game. After a suitable number of years the object in question turned up on our deliberately rumpled bedding.

Someone had been in there. The culprit was trying to look as if she was concentrating on her tablet.

Later we dined on Jackie’s spicy pasta arrabbiata with which she, Becky and Ian drank Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie 2021, and I drank more of the Monastrell, while Flo abstained.


  1. I read the story about the indestructible sticker that turns up after a number of years once the intended recipient has forgotten it. It is truly mind boggling, the amount of time and patience needed to pass it back to the unsuspecting target, not to speak of the devious mischievousness. Impishness of the sticker, I gather, runs in the family (pun unintended).

    1. Actually I didn’t. I recorded it because I thought we should give the ladies a break. Then I accidentally discovered the result. 🙂 Thanks a lot, Sheree

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