Concentration Returning

For the last few days I have really been very out of sorts. With all the symptoms of the onset of a heavy cold, including a temperature above normal, a developing sore throat, and the inability to focus on much at all we have come to the conclusion that we have all met with the Omicron variant of Covid 19 which is currently rife in UK.

I have been dozing a lot, just about able to concentrate on and respond to comments on my own blog posts, and make sporadic observations on those of others. A few ‘Knight’s Tale’ episodes have been culled from earlier posts, but until today I have been unable fully to focus on ‘Bleak House’, from which I have scanned four more of Charles Keeping’s admirable illustrations.

‘Three young ladies, wonderfully like their father’

‘By-and-by I went to my old glass’

‘The long flat beach wore as dull an appearance as any place I ever saw’

‘The fugitive is brought to bay’

Becky returned home to Southbourne this afternoon.

Jackie, Flo, and I dined on the last of the Chinese Takeaway fare with the addition of pork spare ribs and tempura king prawns. No-one imbibed.


  1. “No-one imbibed” kind of says it all. When my guy and I are out of sorts, the glass of wine we enjoy with our dinner doesn’t entice. I hope you’ll be imbibing again soon and feeling totally sorted out. Heal soon, please!

  2. Love the illustrations as always! I get lost in looking at all of the amazing details!
    Glad you are heading in the right direction and feeling a bit better! Take good care of yourself and get completely well!
    You have our bestest wishes, prayers, and healing thoughts.

  3. So glad that you are starting to feel better, and I hope that continues for you all.
    Keepings illustrations are strong and so full of emotion, as ever: wonderful.
    Best wishes to you all – I’m sure better weather will help 🙂

  4. I’m so sorry you’ve had a tough time with this, Derrick. I hate to sound like a broken record, but please try not to overdo it. Your body needs rest and a lot of fluid. Feel better! xo

  5. I’m glad your concentration is returning. Keep on resting well as your immune system overcomes this challenge. I hope you get out to the garden soon.

  6. take a break from here, we know why you’ve out of sorts – and do whatever you need to return to health – not just you but everyone else in your household…

  7. Do not worry so much about answering comments, Derrick, or putting out posts. Your health is nothing to mess with. You are probably correct in your assumption of Covid-related, as the common cold is not accompanied with a fever.

  8. The Chinese have uncorked an unconquerable fiend upon the humanity. I hope they have to answer that to the Dark Matter that created this universe someday, along with the Russian President.

  9. It’s a blessing not to have lost your sense of taste and smell. Have you been able to be tested or are you just making a sensible assumption? Apparently the tests do miss a sizeable proportion of cases, but it seems as if the epidemic has exploded as soon as tests ceased to be readily available. Mum has recently recovered from it to my great relief. I agree with Shoreacres that your evening meals/drinks often tell a story in themselves. May you soon feel well enough to raise a toast to good health!

  10. My MD eldest daughter (an infectologist to boot) now says “there aren’t any colds anymore. I treat all as COVID). Whether you got tested or not, its’ very likely. Considering that you’re all probably triple jabbed, nothing more to do that to wait it out. (Just make sure your oxygenation is good).
    A shame about the wine though…
    Get well soon Derrick. (All of you)

    1. One positive (Ian) and one negative (Becky). Earlier Jackie and I both negative. There is now no real benefit from testing. If we have Omicron we won’t be treated other than keeping up normal isolation guidance and sitting out the course of the virus.

      1. “Normal isolation” is also relevant, I think. My husband has been under the weather for about a week, and I convinced him to get tested because we are expecting our son and grandkids this weekend. I hope Ian is feeling as well as could be expected.

  11. Dan brought the Omicron home from work a few weeks ago. It seems we will be with these viruses for some time to come. I would keep wearing a mask but it doesn’t do much good when every variation make the rounds of the plant where Dan works so we end up with it anyway.

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