Passport Photographs

At midday Jackie drove us to Hockey’s Farm shop for an excellent brunch and to reintroduce Flo to the north of the forest.

Ponies at Ibsley and mossy rooted trees were reflected in the pool that covers waterlogged terrain.

Before eating we introduced our granddaughter to Hockey’s humorous alpacas lining up for their passport photographs and to

their colourful penned chickens.

Afterwards the two women wandered over to the exotic aviary while I waited in the car.

The thatched fox opposite the farm shop has come no nearer to catching the ducks he has in his sights.

Ponies on the road towards Gorley Common ensured our slow progress,

giving us the opportunity to track a small herd of deer from different viewpoints. At least three young males were present, and one pure white one was occasionally glimpsed.

The thatcher of a house in North Gorley celebrated his last year’s refurbishment with champagne while donkeys lolled or scratched further along the road.

This evening we enjoyed dining on alcohol free Red Chilli takeaway fare.


  1. The beautiful creatures were out and ready for their close-ups, Mr. Derrick! HA! (“All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.”) 🙂
    Ha, on the alpacas passport photos! In my head I heard my mom saying, “Comb your hair. Get your bangs out of your eyes.” 😀
    I wondered if the donkeys had been drinking Champagne in the champaign! 😀
    Hope you are feeling much better today! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  2. So glad you are all up and about again, Derrick – I’ve missed my (virtual) visits to the New Forest – it’s beautifully captured reflections, ponies, other animals and loveliness. Thank you – they are all SUCH characters!

  3. Such wonderful photos–every set holds something special. The alpacas are amusing, but I love the wild deer.
    I love the rooftop fox in endless pursuit of the ducks.

  4. Great to see you out and venturing further Derrick, you have brightened up my sunny Saturday morning with your wonderful collection of animal photos, ponies, alpacas, hens, and as always the donkeys are my favourites ..

  5. The play/film, Hair, comes to mind. “Gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair….” Glad you feel well enough to venture into the forest. Take it easy.

  6. Hurray, you are back to your rightful task of entertaining us. Alpacas are such goofy characters, aren’t they? I did like that unusual final touch on the North Gorley rooftop.

  7. Finally, You and Jackie have broken free of whatever was holding you back. Your photographs too, are a celebration of the freedom, featuring ponies, alpacas posing for passport mugshots, donkeys and deer and hen. I have seen that exquisite family of ducks before followed by the wolf on the sly, the opened up bottle of champagne by the thatcher is a highly interesting addition.

  8. What a lovely trip through the countryside! I “visit” your posts very early in the morning and they set me up for a smile for the day.

  9. Wonderful photos, Derrick. Life looks very relaxing there, slow on the narrow road, but in a relaxing sort of way. Thanks for sharing

  10. A thoroughly enjoyable set of photos, Derrick. It sounds like you all had a wonderful day! I love the thatched roof with fox and ducks. The one with the champagne bottle was interesting, too. 🙂

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