Doreen Barlow’s Cymbidium Orchids

Bellowing cattle; creaking branches; squawking pheasants, intermittently punctuated the otherwise silent chill of the early morning air carrying cold gusts across the high ground of Braggers Lane as, after a Ferndene Farm shop visit, Jackie parked and

I wandered down the road

focussing on the bucolic landscapes on either side.

A relaxed pheasant was undisturbed by a learner motorcyclist wheeling by.

I aroused the interest of the residents of the pig farm near Ripley when I photographed them,

a sawn tree trunk contributing to the local ecology which had helped to nurture a blackthorn bush opposite.

This afternoon our nephew John visited with his brother-in-law Faizal to collect various items of furniture surplus to our requirements since our new cupboards were fitted.

Later today I received a comment from Lin Craig who had found and bought in Chichester one of Jackie’s Aunt Doreen’s paintings. My correspondent, who had found her name on my blog, sought confirmation that Doreen was the artist. I was able to provide this by sending a link to one of ours.

This evening we repeated last night’s meal with which I drank more of the Douro.


  1. So many beautiful photos today, Derrick! The painting is very beautiful, she is very talented. We don’t have a Learner permit or license plate (car number?) like you do. You just pass the test and you are on your way, but it’s different for cars. You must drive with a licensed driver only while you have your permit.

  2. Such beautiful pictures – both the photographic and painted kind. Gosh, those pigs look huge!
    You do meet some very interesting people through your very interesting blog, Derrick!!

  3. Isn’t that interesting about the paintings Jackie’s aunt did! The two paintings are lovely. My favorite photo out of this group is #3/11 of the landscapes for the gradations of blue sky.

  4. Well done, Auntie Doreen, a lovely picture of the orchids. How did Braggers Lane get its name? Did medieval people go down there to boast about their Lord’s kindness, or was it the local archers who claimed to be the fiercest in the district?

  5. That is a powerful opening sentence which could have been the beginning of an engrossing atmospheric story. Bucolic vistas have been preserved well in your photographic narration. The painting has an interesting story attached to it.

  6. A lovely painting by Jackie’s Aunt Doreen.

    There are a couple of very fat pigs at the pig farm.

  7. Hello, thank you for mentioning me in your blog
    and for sending me a link, I might be having a blondish moment but not sure where you sent the link as I haven’t received it!
    Are you able to email me this please.
    The signature on my painting matches the one on the lovely painting on your page. ?

      1. Thank you Derrick.
        I hope you are feeling better.
        I would love to send you a picture of the painting I have, if you would like to see it?
        I paint with watercolour, self taught
        in lockdown, nothing as beautiful as Doreen’s work but I really enjoy it!
        My email is:
        Best wishes

  8. I am so happy to see you are so much better that you “wandered down the road” and were able to let us wander with you to see those lovely scenes. Thank you, God, for answered prayers … the Knight family is mended! And that painting – wow! What an artist! I’m glad you featured Doreen’s talent as your cover photo. And yes, your first sentence is a work of art all by itself!!

  9. I love the spring light in the landscape photos–such beautiful colors, too.
    The paintings by Jackie’s aunt are lovely–and how cool to have someone contact you about it from your blog!

  10. It sounds like your weather has been wintry though sunnier than ours at the moment. We had a combination of rain, snow, sleet, hail and sun yesterday. In your photos I can see the new golden-green leaves starting to emerge and the light is brighter and less angled. The warmth will come.

    Those pigs look quite content. 🙂

    The orchid painting by Jackie’s Aunt Doreen is very beautiful.

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