A Knight’s Tale (132: Awaiting The Arrival)

With about two days to go before Sam’s expected arrival into Port St Charles, excitement was enhanced by

Sunset 5.04 1
Sunset 5.04 2
Sunset 5.04 3

a golden sunset, which is almost a cliché. Not in Port St Charles.

Jessica, Louisa & friend 5.04

Jessica watches as Louisa shows her photographs to Dixie Dean, the Society’s cameraman.

Sunbury bird 5.04

Birds like the Yellow breasted Sunbury,

Barbados bullfinch 5.04

and the Barbados Bullfinch, the only indigenous species, which is found nowhere else, take advantage of nature’s camouflage,

Barbados Land crab 5.04

as does the land crab.

Grackle 5.04 002

The grackle

Sanderling 5.04

and the sanderling don’t seem to need it.

Coconut cutting 5.04

This gentleman demonstrates the method of releasing milk from a coconut.

For a number of years my friend bo Beolens, who has written a number of bird books and who, as Fatbirder, runs an international birding website used my picture of the Lesser Antillean Bullfinch to illustrate his Barbados page.

Caribbean Sea

Just before the expected arrival time even the previously bright blue Caribbean Sea darkened,

Rainbow 5.04

and a rainbow arced over Port St Charles.

I was regularly in touch with Radio Nottingham to deliver live updates from my mobile phone. That night, I opened our balcony doors so that listeners could hear the deafening waves crashing in from the Atlantic. Unknown to me, these were the forces that had caused Sam to drop his anchor to prevent him from arriving during the night.


  1. Wow! This nature photography is incredible. I particularly like the Barbados Bullfinch. The photo has the look and feel of early twentieth-century handtinting.

  2. Excellent coverage – both in word & photo – of a most interesting and educational and entertaining day! I hope the storm subsided and today is a beautiful, grand reunion!

  3. Excitement, indeed! Yikes! Okay! You left me wanting to know more! 🙂
    What fabulous photos! Weather, nature, creatures, peoples!
    I’ve always loved to bird watch…see bird photos, read bird books.
    It’s always an honor and joy to see the rainbow after the storm! SIGH 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  4. The Barbados Bullfinch photo is a masterpiece. Cliche or not, I’ll take a golden sunset or beautiful rainbow any time.

  5. That rainbow was beautiful. A sign of peace as a storm departs, they can also be an sign of bad incoming weather. I am glad Sam dropped anchor and stayed put.

  6. What a post! The drama in waiting for your son’s triumphant arrival, the storm, the rainbow! You must have been a wreck! Very cool that your Lesser Antillean Bullfinch photo was used on an international birding website.

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