From High Street To Forest Roads

This morning I received an e-mail containing photographs from my brother-in-law Ron Salinger from his Spanish holiday with Shelly.

These featured a celebration of the victory of the Battle of Albuera, known as the bloodiest battle of the Peninsular War.

Here is a link to the extensive Wikipedia entry on the event:

Afterwards, Jackie cut my hair. Should anyone wish to inspect it it is featured in one of the Lymington High Street shop windows to follow.

Just before lunch I posted

A problem has developed with the communication between Jackie’s camera and its memory card.

I therefore visited Wessex Photographic in Lymington High Street in order to have the problem investigated. The ever helpful Luke established that the fault lay with the card, and sold me another at a mere fraction of the cost of a new camera.

Jackie and Flo then popped into Oakhaven Children’s Shop while

I wandered around with my camera.

After a while they took refreshment in Hazy Days coffee shop;

I continued my meandering until joining them to partake of sparkling water.

We then drove into the forest in search of a foal. Thinking we were to be thwarted we stopped to focus on a group of donkeys invading a garden in East Boldre.

Further along a foal appeared with its mother and a group of other equines.

In these latter two galleries those titles of Flo’s pictures bear her name.

This evening Flo enjoyed second helpings of Jackie’ s beef pie while her grandparents reprised the Culinary Queen’s liver and bacon. Both meals were served with boiled potatoes, crunchy carrots, firm cauliflower, and tender runner beans. Jackie drank Hoegaarden, Flo, water, and I, more of the Douro.

Published by derrickjknight

I am an octogenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs. In these later years much rambling is done in a car.

70 thoughts on “From High Street To Forest Roads

  1. You have posted an interesting selection of photographs that give us a broader idea of where you live. I enjoy the narrative that brings them all together too.

  2. Your new ‘do looks great! Jackie does a fabulous job! ๐Ÿ™‚ โœ‚
    Thank you for sharing the photos from your brother-in-law…so interesting!
    The photos by you and by Flo are so wonderful!
    The donkeys and the foal bring such joy! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Your header photo is THE bestest most sweetest most loveliest photo EVER! It should be framed and hanging on a prominent wall to bring smiles to everyone who sees it! ๐Ÿ™‚
    There is joy on both High Street and Forest Roads. ๐Ÿ™‚
    (((HUGS))) ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’ve started carrying an extra camera card with me, just in case. But, I’ve never replaced any of the cards I use. Did your knowledgeable professional say anything about whether that’s a good idea? All of mine are years old, and I’m wondering now if they have a life span.

    1. The cards do seem to be interchangeable. He did offer to reformat the 4 year old one, but I decided to have a new one. He didn’t question that. Thanks very much, Linda

    1. I’m afraid there are Brian. Despite warnings and speed limits up to three figure numbers of animals are killed each year. These are ancient rights – the animals have the right of way. Thanks very much.

      1. Hundreds? What a shame. And very dangerous for speeders too. Like deer in the US? Can wreck a car, apart form killing the animal. We very nearly hit a giraffe once in Kenya. Crossed the highway at dusk in front of our car…
        Going back to the animals, it is a shame.
        Have a nice week Derrick

  4. A wonderful adventure you, Jackie and Flo have shared with us. We can really get a feel of your environs from the photos. And hats off to Flo for that hilarious header (and head) shot of the donkey.

  5. Those donkeys always are my favorites! Glad to hear the new memory card fixed the problem. We need both of you shutterbugs to have full access to the best equipment! Thanks for your faithful, talented sharing. As I sit here with hand on ice pack, you provide the escape I crave!

  6. Your brother-in-law has sent fascinating photos. I am glad it was the delinquent memory card and not the camera causing distress to the Assistant Photographer, and the problem was readily addressed. Young donkeys and ponies look very innocent and cute.

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