Hanging Baskets And Other Containers

The sun shone for a few hours this morning. Thereafter we experienced sudden heavy showers falling from an overcast sky, until all cleared late in the afternoon.

Pulling up a few weeds while carrying out a dead heading session providing me with olfactory delights as I reached into the sweet scented rose bushes was my contribution to garden maintenance whilst Jackie continued with the planting. Such was the rate at which she and Flo have been emptying bags of fresh compost and refilling hanging baskets and other containers we needed a mad dash to Ferndene Farm Shop to buy three more large bags.

Here are some examples of the work in progress.

This evening we dined on Red Chilli Takeaway fare. My main course was Naga Lamb; Jackie’s, Chicken Saag; Flo’s, Makhani Lamb. We shared Paneer Tikka, Saag Paneer, Pilau and Egg fried rices, plain paratha, and peshwari naan. Jackie drank Hofflegen and I drank Castellore Barolo 2017, both brought by Angela yesterday.


  1. These beautiful pictures of work in progress remind me to visit our local nursery soon – we actually received a little rain this afternoon. Quite enough to set my fingers itching to plant!

  2. This looks like fun! Especially with coinciding olfactory delights. 🙂 Florence likes her flowers and so do I.

  3. It’s a cold and wet day here in Geelong, so your colourful garden photos are a beautiful sight, instead of my gloomy sky

  4. Today’s post is a hanging baskets special. I am not surprised at all by Jackie’s mid session visit to the Ferdinand’ Farm for extra stuff.

  5. I struggle to remember to water the hanging plants before they dry out to the point that the water runs right through! The only time I was able to keep potted plants healthy was when we lived on a houseboat. I simply scooped up river water and doused them where they sat on the porch near the walkway.

  6. Lovely hanging and potted plants. We have several large hanging plants that require a lot of water as we get closer to summer. One of the hanging plants has become a habitat for doves. The first set, parents and 2 chicks, moved out once the chicks started to fly. Now there is a new nest being built by doves so here we go again. It’s excellent entertainment.

  7. The hanging baskets are beautiful! Jackie, Flo and you all working together in the garden as a family is also a wonderful thing. ❤️❤️❤️

  8. You must be a highly skilled rose handler: for me, reaching into rose bushes brings back more memories of thorns than of sensory delights. How wonderful to have 100 containers overflowing with promise.

  9. Ah yes. No matter how much soil, compost, or mulch you buy, there is always a need for more. It’s all worth it though for that lovely, peaceful garden.

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