Plants In Containers

Yesterday evening Jackie finished weeding the rest of the Brick Path, and today tackled the circular set of bricks around the filled in well.

Not only has Flo added considerably to the Head Gardener’s planting in pots, urns, and hanging baskets, but she has kept them all flourishing during our recent dry spell by constant canned irrigation.

This is merely a selection. I had to stop somewhere, even if she hasn’t.

I spent the afternoon finishing my reading of Alison Lurie’s ‘Foreign Affairs’ which I will report on tomorrow, because we are just leaving to enjoy a Fathers’ Day dinner.


  1. Sure you’ll enjoy your well deserved Father’s Day meal! Stunning images of the potted flower plants! Flo and Jackie continue to create Paradise!

  2. The Head Gardener has crafted such a charming, interesting and colourful garden but I’m sure she’s appreciated the extra helping hands of late.

  3. I know you’ll enjoy your Father’s Day dinner. So glad you and Jackie have these opportunities to be a cohesive family again. That is such a gift! Your potted plants and the photos of them are a gift, too. They are so well loved! Thank you for the tour of your amazing garden. <3

  4. I also wish you a Happy Father’s Day, Derrick! The plantings are beautiful. Jackie and Flo did a wonderful job. What a restful and restorative place to be!

  5. We used to have bricks like your path, and from what I remember of the time I spent weeding them, Jackie’s efforts are absolutely world class! I always saw it as the most thankless task in the garden (and you’d be back there in two weeks’ time).

  6. Happy Father’s Day, Derrick!!! πŸ™‚
    Thank you for this lovely post! Wow, such amazing flowers in spectacular baskets, urns, and pots! So pretty! So artistic! Great work, Jackie and Flo! You bring us joy! πŸ™‚
    Derrick, your great fathering has shaped wonderful human-beans, and so much more in our world! So many positives that cannot be contained…and flow beautifully in the world! We are fortunate to enjoy so much of it here on your blog! Thank you! πŸ™‚
    (((HUGS))) ❀️

  7. Pots and hanging plants I deal with more than anything growing in the garden, which is very little. I love the variety of pots in your garden like the urns, woven hanging pots and especially the concrete pot that looks like a woven basket. Beautiful. I can’t wait for Spring this year. It will be the 3rd in our new home.

  8. I am inspired to put more plants in pots! The small flowers and feathery plants are my favorites along with the white one in the tall blue ceramic? container.

    1. I think the one you are seeing in the blue ceramic is called ‘Angels Wings’ it is a form of senecio and Has survived the winter in the pot!

  9. A wondrous collection of potted plants Derrick .. and my little courtyard area is mainly made up of pots and hanging baskets ..

  10. Happy Father’s Day, Derrick. Just realized you have three “k’s” in your name! That can’t be common. I have two in mine…runner-up.

  11. There is an S curve on the Brick Path that I have noticed now. The second photo is a beautiful portrait of the Head Gardener in her paradise. The reminder at the end that it’s merely a selection points to the endlessness of the passionate enterprise.

  12. I wonder: does Jackie have a definitive list of all the different flowers she plants. Or to make it easier does she have a list of what she does not have growing?

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