Not Until I Had Almost Reached The Modus

First thing this morning I phoned the Verderers office and sent them a link to my post of yesterday. It seems they did not know of that particular foal. My link has been “sent to the local Agister who will check on the foal and inform the owner.”

Immediately after lunch Jackie and I, after a visit to the Milford on Sea Pharmacy followed by making purchases at Ferdene Farm Shop, drove further into the forest.

On this overcast and somewhat gloomy day we could still see distant cattle and ponies on the moorland flanking Wilverley Road, down which we continued until tempted by many of the animals gathering at Whitemoor Pond. Jackie parked beside the road at the entrance to a gravelled access route for the forestry commission, and I set out to commune with cattle and ponies.

Beside the two tracks leading across to my quarry one of the ubiquitous signs warning of rare birds nesting enjoined the public not to disturb them.

I refrained from photographing the drink can tossed into the scrub which would be sheltering the said birds whose shrill cries syncopated with

the low drone of overhead planes.

I passed a number of grazing ponies as I trudged along the dry, sandy, soil of the given paths.

Ahead I could see, faster than I could reach them, the animals departing from the soon empty pond.

I turned back the way I had come. It was not until I had almost reached the Modus that I was rewarded by the sight of a pair of ponies and foals stepping out of the shrubbery and

crossing to the other side of the road. As the youngsters skated across the tarmac they almost came a cropper and I wasn’t quick enough to catch their ungainly efforts to right themselves.

Further on the way to Norley Wood a few more ponies settled for their afternoon siesta.

Later, I watched the Wimbledon tennis second round match between Caroline Garcia and Emma Raducanu.

This evening we all dined on meaty pork and chives sausages; creamy mashed potatoes; firm carrots, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli, with tasty gravy; followed by strawberries and cream, with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden, Flo drank mixed fruit cordial, and I finished the Ponce de Leon.


  1. It’s so good that the foal will be examined, well done Derrick! Your dinner sounds so delicious, I would love to try Jackie’s cooking!

  2. I enlarged the photo of the ‘rare birds nesting’ sign as best I could, but it does seem it lists the name of the species there. Do you know?

  3. Oh, so glad you are getting some help with the sick babe from yesterday. I had to look up “came a cropper” lol. Jackie’s dinner sounds wonderful. xo

    1. I’m pleased about that, Liz. I took it for the same reason – not realising that the rest of the post would be largely landscapes too. Thanks very much

  4. Do we know what sort of rare birds they are, Derrick? My best guess would be Stone Curlew or perhaps one of the Harriers, possibly Montagu’s.

  5. It’s good the condition of the little foal from yesterday will be looked into.
    Today’s set of horses and foals are beautiful. It’s difficult to pick a favorite shot, but the black and white stands out.

  6. I hope you hear the outcome of the foal. One thinks of fungus or an allergic dermatitis, no different from humans really.
    It’s obviously a source of great enjoyment to you both that you moved to this area.

  7. YAY! Thank you so much, Derrick, for alerting them to the little foal’s condition! Thank you for caring! πŸ™‚
    Aw, on the nesting birds. Hope they can nest in safety and peace. Hope the big-man-made-“bird” noises don’t disturb them. ✈
    Love the layers of nature in the first/landscape photo. Love the serenity and the lone pony in the last photo.
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚ ❀️

  8. Beautiful! I’ve often wonder if you can match up foals, ponies and horses from the photos you took the year/s before. It would be interesting to see how they have grown and survived.

  9. Enjoyed seeing the sign noting the birds were nesting there and to take care!
    I think the signs can be so effective (we usually see the Turtle ones)

  10. I deeply appreciate your efforts to ensure safety of the long-legged pony. The notice board enjoining the trekkers not to disturb the rare birds nesting in the moorland is yet another commendable effort of the local governance to preserve the planet.

    1. Much appreciated, Lavinia. He was under observation by the Agister and is well on the mend. The main problem was scouring because the mothers milk was too strong – I expect you know about that.

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