All To Herself

Acorns clattering alarmingly on the roof and windows of the Modus as Jackie drove us along Lower Ashley Road made us regret that that area was not likely to feature loose pigs for pannage.

We had stopped among the blustering winds for me to photograph a thatching owl and

sheep on a sloping hillside,

where three sheltered from the gusts beside a World War Two pillbox.

A very large Gloucester Old Spot had the green at Pilley,

where she dug a long furrow and chased me around, all to herself.

Yesterday I had wondered whether to lift up the patio chairs, and decided against. When we returned home at midday we discovered that the wind had done it for us.

This afternoon we enjoyed a magnificent afternoon tea at Rosie Lea. Not wishing to push my luck today, because my WordPress problems are by no means resolved, I will attempt to feature that tomorrow.


  1. This looks more the thing. Good luck with WP. Hard to move forward when it’s one step forward three steps back. Every day is a new challenge as they ‘improve’ things that are not.

  2. I was thinking the sheep on the hillside looked peaceful, so it’s interesting to see them sheltering by the WW2 pillbox, now also peaceful in spite of the history. Getting chased around by a pig is one way to get your exercise.

  3. Chased by a porker seems a most exciting day’s activity. The pill box brings a flavor of unease to an otherwise peaceful windbreak. Hopefully you’re on the way to resolution of the WP issues…

  4. You live in a wonder land , Derrick and jackie where road are bordered by oaks . With a lot of animals almost in freedom . Of course the pigs love the acorns . 🙂
    In frieendship

    1. The worn bits at the bottom of one chair are just natural erosion. The strength is from the wind having lifted that chair that I had laid down. Thanks very much, Tootlepedal

  5. I’m glad you were able to post something today–and such interesting photos. The sheep and the WWII pillbox is striking, but the tumbled chairs could be a great prompt for a story.
    I like the thatched owl, too. Nothing like that here!

  6. Love that owl! 🙂
    ? I wonder what tails…er…tales she told when she got home. She looks quite with-it and hip…”tattoos” AND piercings! 😉 Ha! ?
    The other night we had 62 mph winds (VERY windy for us) and the wind blew all of our porch chairs over. 😮 Then it thundered loudly, rained, and hailed! A wild noisy night! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂 ❤️

  7. I really enjoyed the sheep-and-pillbox photo, although the thatched owl is different and delightful. Are such creatures commonly added to thatched roofs as decoration, or symbols of the family who owns the property?

    1. Thanks very much, Linda. The thatched creatures can be the signature of the thatcher, or family symbols. There are companies who make them to order. They are quite optional and some houses don’t have them at all

  8. I love the thatched owl! The roof is as much a piece of artwork as it is functional!

    Thank you for including the Gloucester Oldspot! She looks like a very sweet character. I hope she did not rub her snout on your trousers. 🙂

  9. I’m delighted you managed to get the post published.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the afternoon tea photos and I’m guessing your tea was much quieter than mine at Alice’s 5th birthday party! I forgot to take photos!

    I’ll be sorry when the pigs go back to the farm, it’s always a pleasure seeing them.

  10. The acorns beating a music on the rooftop of your car sets the weather firmly into today’s post. I like the sheep grazing on the sloping greens and standing against the withered pillbox.

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