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Early this morning I watched an ITV recording of the Women’s Rugby World Cup match between England and Fiji.

Afterwards, I spent some time with “Clarissa”, and again every time I really struggled to load the following pictures.

Later, Jackie and I began to tackle the recent garden storm damage and autumn clearance.

A number of solar lights have been smashed;

ornaments, like this owl, dislodged;

planted pots fallen;

shrubs broken;

sedums bent.

I transported Jackie’s clippings to the compost bins at the far end of the garden.

We still have many blooming plants like this fuchsia “Garden News”.

When I returned to the kitchen I couldn’t resist the shadows on the kitchen floor.

This afternoon we received our autumn Covid booster jabs at Ashley Pharmacy.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s wholesome chicken and vegetable soup with which she drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Bordeaux.


  1. Sorry for the damage in your garden but what remains is still very beautiful.
    ” A votre santé ! ” (for the glass of Bordeaux)
    In friendship

  2. Ever so sorry about the storm and the damage. I know how much work you put in that garden… Plants will grow back.
    A shame the Bordeaux is finished, what’s your next choice? ?

  3. Despite alluding Hurricane Ian, we did have some strong wind. It kept knocking over one of my Norfolk Island Pine trees, thank goodness no harm was done. Seems you did not fair as well.

  4. Brilliant that women’s sports are receiving more media coverage so we can view them at home. Seems many of us have had our fair share of storms.

  5. You are right about the weather. Yesterday, we had a large branch break off the ash tree, and the consensus was that the tree could no longer support its weight and that of the rain on the leaves against the strong wind we were experiencing.

        1. The husband of a work colleague of mine many years ago was standing beside the fence guiding his next door neighbour sawing a branch. The branch hit the ground on the neighbour’s side, bounced up and over the fence and made my colleague a widow.

    1. That doesn’t surprise me, Judy. I regularly get pop ups saying: “duplicate comment, you’ve already said that” or “cannot post this comment” sometimes before I have posted any at all. Now they are posting duplicates themselves. Thanks very much.

  6. So sorry to hear about, and see, the storm damage. 🙁
    I know you two got everything righted and back to beautiful!
    The shadow-photo is very cool and interesting! Mother Nature is quite artistic and you always capture her masterpieces beautifully! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  7. That’s a lot of clean up! You don’t have to do it all in one day, or one weekend. Glad there are still some blooms blooming to cheer you on.

  8. Our government appears to have given up on covid shots, more’s the pity. Every time a Berg wind blows I fear the large tipuana tree next door will come crashing into our garden – as several of its branches already have. The absentee owner has done naught about trimming it, despite her current tenants asking her to. Storms can leave a mess … glad you could enjoy a wholesome soup to sustain yourselves. I love the shadows too by the way.

  9. Like everyone else I’m sorry about the storm damage, but hopefully, most of it is fixable.

    I hope are you’re both okay following your booster vaccinations.
    I’m beginning to think that my reaction is related to both the flu jab and the Covid booster.

  10. Sorry about the above comment, I began with a question ‘Are you both…’ then changed my mind to I hope. I should learn to proof read before Sending! ?

    PS. I still think the present problems are in some way related to the ongoing transfer of pages to the new site.

    1. That PS is encouraging. I received 6 e-mails yesterday from WP saying they had transferred my site. These come quite regularly and I hope they indicate each transferred batch.

  11. A lot of tipping, tossing, and toppling, but I’m glad the damage seems minor in your garden. I like the shadows photo (of course I would ?).

    We are definitely back to soup weather here. I hope you don’t have any reactions to the booster. I think we’ll be getting our next one in November.

  12. I am glad the damage was minimal, Derrick! The photo of the shadows on the kitchen floor grabbed my attention. Shadows can create fascinating results for photographers.

  13. I’ve been gone from WP for a few days… getting caught up today. So sorry to see your storm damage, Derrick. I know how hard you and Jackie work to create your gorgeous Oasis. It breaks my heart to see things broken. I know you will have it looking perfectly beautiful again soon. I hope Martin comes to help. God bless you! Take it easy… one plant, one pot at a time! Save that owl (I don’t think it was broken!).

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