A Sunny Interlude

I’m happy to say that James Peacock sorted out our internet problem this morning, in time for me to keep a dental checkup appointment, which was satisfactory.

We celebrated by buying a new washing machine to replace our older one which is becoming cantankerous.

This afternoon I was able to feature yesterday’s forest drive with photographs.

After three days and nights of gales it was refreshing that afternoon to experience gleaming sunlight glinting off

wet leaves and rivulets running down verges such as these in

Undershore, with its

wet leaves,

glistening branches,

and lichen covered trunks rising from high, soggy, verges.

Broken, lichen-green, branches dangled from wind blown trees.

High hedgerows lined one side of Bull Hill

while autumn leaves

and holly berries carpeted the other, more level, equally damp, terrain.

The wheels of most vehicles, like this bus at East Boldre, flung up showers of scintillating spray.

Outside East End the beautifully patterned hides of damp pasturing ponies sparkled in low relief.

One reflective verge revealed an image of a pedestrian gate beside a cattle grid at the Lymington end of Sowley Lane.

While I was making up my mind whether to focus on a flock of pheasants or a female deer in a field, the ruminant fled off into the distance.

This evening we dined on pork spare ribs marinaded in lime and ginger sauce and topped with satay sauce on a bed of Jackie’s colourful savoury rice, with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank Pierre Jaurant Merlot – Cabernet Sauvignon Bordeaux 2020.


  1. Wonderful pictures with great words, and a unique title. The 11th picture expresses much pleasure as a passenger, but very unpleasant for pedestrians.

  2. You have so many wonderful photos today, Derrick! Thanks for sharing them, and Jackie’s cooking sounds so delicious! I would love to try some. ❤️??

  3. So glad the sun appeared to spotlight nature’s beauty…nature is beautiful and artistic even when damp and soggy. 🙂 Such beautiful photos! The berries do add a vibrant pop of colour! What a fabulous flock of pleasant pheasants! Wowza on the refection photo!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂 ❤️

  4. This afternoon after opening the picture of the pheasants I tried to identify the flock of birds and was certain there were ducks mixed in amongst them! I have never seen a large flock of pheasants before, always just three or four. What a great sight.

  5. Hi Derrick – I tried to leave a comment earlier, but there was a problem, so I hope this isn’t showing up twice. You always find interesting and beautiful things to photograph. I love the outdoors after a storm or rain. Hope you are doing well – glad your internet problems are solved!

  6. Having internet problems resolved is a little like getting over the flu — it feels so good to not feel bad! Settling back into a normal routine always is pleasurable.

  7. I’m sure there are lots of ways of celebrating a positive visit to the dentist (cause for celebration here, too) but I’ve never heard of buying a washing machine.?

  8. So many textures! I especially like all the layers of water, leaves, dirt, grass, and moss creeping up the lichen covered tree trunk …. and the holly berries. Making a celebration out of buying a new washing machine is delightfully practical. You, two really know how to enjoy yourselves. 🙂

  9. That sounds like an interesting wine that you had for supper. I don’t think we have ever seen that combination here. Glad you got your internet fixed and a new washing machine! I would like to replace ours but we never send anything to the landfill until it is totally done.

  10. One of the pleasures of following your blog is to be able to see the beautiful, small things in another part of the world. I love the views of sunlight shining through wet leaves. The holly berries and fallen leaves make an artistic design.

  11. We had a beautiful day but got caught in a sudden down pour while re-potting a root bound China Doll – Radermachera sinica. It’s at least 2 meters high and it was stubbornly stuck in its pot. Then there was the umbrella tree growing out of it’s 3rd pot size in 12 months. The rain lasted about 20minutes until the sun came out blistering hot. A good day in the garden but the lawn was left to wet to mow the lawn. A job to do on Monday now.

    I love the ponies and their soggy coats. Lichen covered trunks are always interesting to photograph. These are beautiful.

  12. That pony looks refreshed after the rain. I have never seen so many pheasants in one place. We’re barely getting any rain at all, so it’s good to someone is getting replenished.

  13. Beautiful pictures. Pleased to see that England once again looks like I expected rather than southern California. Congratulations getting your Internet problems resolved plus a good dental report.

  14. Those are beautiful forest scenes, Derrick and Jackie. I am glad to hear your Internet is back up!

    The storm here yardmaster was not as bad as predicted. The power stayed on and no trees came down in our immediate area.

  15. So glad you had a happy interlude, Derrick. And especially happy for you and Jackie with a new washing machine to replace the older, cantankerous one!! Good for you!

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