Hopefully Tomorrow

3rd November 2022

After another 24 hours of raging gales it was fortunate that I had published yesterday’s post before 8 p.m. when darkness suddenly fell in an instant as we were subjected to a power outage lasting no more than a couple of minutes, yet enough to deprive us of our viewing of a BritBox film and anything else that required access to the internet.

Despite the efforts of Alex of Peacock Computers guided on the phone by James, there was no improvement today, which is why I am drafting this off-line.

After lunch we took a forest drive which I will feature, with photographs, as soon as normal service is resumed – hopefully tomorrow because James will try his expertise in the morning.

This evening we dined on oven fish and chips with mushy peas and onion rings. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Côtes du Rhône.


  1. Ah! Funny how we don’t realize our dependents until there’s a glitch in our routines. When we have a power outing I still try to switch on the lights in passing forgetting, that the thing I never think about is gone. Even if for just a moment. That argh feeling rushes over ever time haha. Hopefully you’re back up and running soon if not already.

  2. We call those brief power shortages “brownouts,” since they are so frequent here that they do not deserve to be called blackouts.
    Good luck with your computer, Derrick.

  3. I hope everything returns to normal soon. Stay safe and warm, Derrick and Jackie.

    We are in the middle of a windstorm here today, gusts up to 65 mph expected, along with downed trees and power lines. I’ve already been out securing things.

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