Tingling Toes

Especially during this year’s very hot summer months there really is no point in attempting to lunch at our favourite café at Friars Cliff. This is because the car park on the cliff top is usually packed, indicating that the eatery will be too.

Today, its seemed, would be rather different. No-one but hardened dog-walkers would venture down to the sand.

And so, apart from scavenging crows,

and one sole shivering individual,

it proved to be.

Uninviting waves crashed on rocks and shingle.

One little baby probably left for home with extra-tingling toes.

After our usual big breakfasts at the Beach Hut Café we returned home warm and comfortable and opened the door to a cold house.

The boiler had ceased functioning.

Fortunately I stuck my nose in a frightening manual and pressed a few buttons which got it going again. Unfortunately that didn’t last long, so I will have to call our heating engineer tomorrow. We had already booked the annual service about ten days ago. The earliest date he could manage is 19th January. So we will see.

Now we all have tingling toes.

Despite her efforts to prove the contrary Jackie is still not well enough to attend a social evening hosted by our neighbours Gordon and Chrissie. I therefore went on my own and spent part of an enjoyable gathering meeting many neighbours; listening to the piano playing of Ben Barr; drinking Merlot and eating plentiful snacks before returning early to check on my wife.


  1. Oh dear, just when a boiler is absolutely essential. I hope you can get it fixed quickly and that Jackie gets well soon.

  2. I hope that Jackie is much better very soon, Derrick! You can’t wait until the tenth of January for a boiler repair, I hope a different company can help you guys. The sea looks very cold today as those frozen souls reveal!

  3. Sending Jackie some virtual chicken soup. I hope she’s feeling better soon. Sorry about your broiler, Derrick. I hope it’s nothing serious. Perhaps double socks are in order to prevent your toes from tingling. Keep warm!

  4. Oh what a captivating photo, the “One little baby probably left for home with extra-tingling toes.” I have stored it in my Derrick photos …

  5. Sounds like Jackie needs to take it easy and rest for a while. The beaches have a certain peace about them in the winter if we are dressed warm enough. I hope you have an alternative source of heat.

  6. I’m not at all fond of true cold, and I certainly hope you’re not in truly frigid conditions. Perhaps you have an alternate source of warmth that can at least cozy up a small space. I really do wish I could magically transport you over here, although we have our own dose of cold on its way. Martin is so good with everything else — he doesn’t happen to have boiler repair skills, does he?

  7. Oh, my gosh! First Tootlepedal. Now you. Hope the boiler is soon fixed. And sorry that Jackie couldn’t go to the party. As we would say in Maine, that flu really took the stuffing out of Jackie.

  8. Have a very Happy Christmas and a Safe New Safe. We’re heading off at dawn to spend an early Christmas with the littlest grandchildren. It’s been 2 years since we had Christmas with our family. It’s been 3 for the daughter-in-laws family hence they’ll be there for the actual Christmas Day. God bless you You, Jackie and all the family. I may not get back online until after Christmas.

  9. What a poignant picture that is of the lost shoe! I agree with earlier comments on your ability to capture the cold so effectively. Too much too soon for Jackie: rest, rest and take things easy. Others can do the cooking and cleaning – take the opportunity to read and to put your feet up, Jackie 🙂

  10. What an enjoyable outing Derrick and I love the frigid beach photos. The adogables didn’t seem deterred by the cold and one even went for a swim! I hope Jackie continues to recover. Happy Holidays to you both! ?????

  11. The comments are right. You shouldn’t be without heating for five weeks at this time of the year. My wife found that the Gas Board perform very well in such emergencies.

  12. Oh, gosh on the reasons for tingling-toes. (We had both our heater AND our hot water heater go out two days before Thanksgiving…so a long weekend holiday for everyone here…but, finally got repair people out to fix both. While waiting, we felt the tingles of cold, too.

    Hope Jackie is completely well soon. Continued love for her! Give her a gentle hug for me. Please.

    Love the doggie photos, always. Those doggies get us Human-Beans out walking, even when we don’t want to. Ha! 😀
    (((HUGS))) ❤️

  13. Oh gosh, a dodgy boiler is not what you need and not going to help Jackie in her recovery. Glad there were some bright spots in the day to compensate, Derrick. That breakfast sounds grand!

  14. Oh my goodness, Derrick! I have just been commenting on Tom’s (Tootlepedal) post about his lack of heat and hot water and here you are with the same predicament! I sincerely hope that you get a plumber very soon. Poor Jackie, too! When I was a girl we were always advised that flu takes weeks to recover from and that it would be illl-advised to do too much too soon. She must rest as much as possible; though I am sure she must get quite frustrated at times – I would in her position, so close to Christmas! xx

    1. Thank you so much, Clare. At least we have hot water from an immersion heater. Engineer expected today. Jackie is somewhat better today – you are right, she gets very frustrated, especially about Christmas

  15. It looks cold but beautiful down on the shore Derrick. I love the sea in all her moods.

    I am sorry to hear that you have no heat. That is not good, especially with Jackie not feeling quite well. I hope you can get someone soon.

  16. This isn’t one where a like seems appropriate as the news is not good. I’m very sorry Jackie is still not feeling herself and am quite alarmed about your heating. I hope you have hot water bottles as they can help a bit. I would hate to be without mine. Sending good luck messages.

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