Swaddling Clothes

Sunrise this morning barely had the energy to pierce the tree line to reach our garden until considerably later.

We are unable to work out how to employ our immersion heater and have now exhausted the hot water that had remained in the tank.

A kettle must be boiled for certain specific needs. Or we could take an electric shower in our en-suite bathroom. Attractive as this may seem, having enjoyed that experience one would still need to step out of the cubicle into sub-zero temperatures.

Today I decided to risk it. The water may have been warm, but the shampoo and soap were ice-cold until applied to the body. Briskly.

My drips, as I stepped from the shower to the room, seemed to be forming icicles as I dragged a towel, cold enough for me to be uncertain as to whether it was damp or simply freezing, across my sparkling goose pimples.

We spent the day indoors in our swaddling clothes, Jackie on her computer, and I dozing over “Crime and Punishment”.

This evening we dined on oven haddock, chips, and onion rings, and garden peas, with which I finished the Cabernet Sauvignon raised somewhat above room temperature.


  1. We share your pain (vicariously of course). You described the chill very well. I too have felt towels so chill I did not know if they were damp or cold. Hope you get your heat back soon. Isn’t it time to go visit a friend or relative for a short overnight visit?

  2. Oh, I am sending warm thoughts your way, my friend. Our heater died (fully) last year around this time and I well remember living in a cold house. It’s a brilliant idea to get into the car and blast the heat to get warm. You need a reprieve from the constant cold.

    I must say, Jackie’s fabulous smile during this hardship is a joy to behold. She’s a gem.

    Hugs to you both and may the 19th arrive quickly.

  3. Brr! ๐Ÿ™ Sorry to hear about the cold coldness and the continued lack of warmth! At least you are both still smiling and keeping your senses of humour intact! ๐Ÿ™‚
    YAY for swaddling clothes!
    Warm (((HUGS))) and warm things… โ˜€๏ธโ˜•๏ธ??โค๏ธ (Did you see the pepper!!?? ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  4. I know how cold it must be. I remember as a little girl pulling my clothes into the bed in the morning and warming them up before I could get into them. And taking a bath was an ordeal that was not pleasurable because of the cold afterwards. I hope you get your heat back soon.

  5. I agree with jodierichelle (above). You do need some kind of reprieve from, the constant cold. On Monday, go to some great big hypermarket or shopping mall, and spend the day there.

  6. Staying warm is uppermost on my mind this Canadian winter. It has been unseasonably warm this fall, but the next few days will be a different story. We are told that the next few days will test our resilience!

      1. In retrospect I now understand why in 19th century re-creations of Sherlock Holmes, when Holmes and Watson came from the street, they would shed their overcoats and put on a think interior gown (Robe de chambre) (Americans would say ‘robe’. Forgot the term in English proper) and sit in front of the chimney. Must have been cold then.

  7. I know you and Jackie are tough and innovative, but I am compelled to echo a question from above: Isnโ€™t it time to go visit a friend or relative for a short overnight visit?

  8. I’ve experienced showers similar to yours while staying in the Texas hill country in a cabin sans electricity and no heat other than the wood stove. It was possible to warm water for an outdoor shower, but in January, getting from the “shower room” to the warmth of the cabin was quite something. What occurs to me is that such circumstances, when freely chosen, are one thing. Imposed cold is something else. It’s exceedingly stressful on the body; if you’re coping well enough, I’m glad. But if not, don’t be too proud to look for warmer digs.

  9. The description of your shower reminds me of:

    All the complicated details
    of the attiring and
    the disattiring are completed!
    -Winter Trees by William Carlos Williams

  10. Oh my!! I am sympathizing with your sparkling goose pimples. So sorry you are having these ice cold challenges. I pray the problem is fixed right away… makes my teeth chatter just thinking of what you & Jackie are enduring!!

      1. Yes, you can always find someone worse off than you are. And usually you donโ€™t have to look too far! My helpful neighbor whoโ€™s coming to pull us out this morning has a wife with dementia.

  11. On my phone device I thought Jackie had let her hair down and it was flaming red. Now I see it as a scarf. Gosh! What a time to lose your heating when she has only just recovered from that bad cold.

  12. I recommend the purchase of a little fan heater. Joshua and I have one each and when when our boiler was out of action we used them to heat up our bathrooms prior to our showers. Such a difference.

  13. Oooh your description gave me the shivers! But Jackie is still as smiley as ever underneath her layers. One day closer to a functioning boiler, Derrick.

  14. Body heat is a great thing. Stay warm please! I hope your heating troubles are done soon.
    I once was in that situation where I used coffeemaker and electric fry pan to make up hot water for special needs. I felt like a pioneer (except I had electricity. Thank God for that!)

  15. I solved the washing problem by completely neglecting my personal hygiene during our recent boiler failure. I took the view that i wouldn’t smell much when the house was so cold.

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