Backing Notes

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“You are very brave coming out on a morning like this”, was a greeting given to Jackie when we arrived at

Setley Farm Shop.

The rhythm of the windscreen wipers; the whoosh of wheels throwing up spray; the torrential tattoo beaten on the car roof as we peered into approaching headlights became backing notes as we sped along our route. The radiating starlights approaching in the third picture was the driver’s warning signal of the cyclist standing beside the left bridge support.

Once arrived at Setley Jackie had to rush through the rain leaving its marks on the Modus windows.

Rivulets ran, and raindrops splashed puddles, down lanes, like Sandy Down, where lies a somewhat

battered tree trunk barrier intended to deter verge parking.

A string of damp equestrians trekked up Church Lane,

while hardy ponies stood on the far side of the swollen lake at Pilley.

Jacqueline visited this afternoon and a wide-ranging conversation ensued until she returned to Elizabeth later.

Ian rejoined us and we dined on battered fish, chips, onion rings, and mushy peas from Ashley’s, with which I drank more of the Kruger Elements.


  1. What terrible weather. Those riders taking out the hoses on such a day must be very dedicated.
    No rain for us but the wet and windy weather of the previous few days was replaced by a gloomy thick fog that lasted all day.

  2. Beautiful photos of the dreary day and excellent descriptive prose.
    We had fog and then rain yesterday.

    Happy New Year to you, Jackie, and your family.

      1. I always downsize my pictures to make better use of space. I also go back to old posts and remove pictures which no longer serve a purpose. I aim to keep available space at about 10%.

        I have visited the site to view your posts.

        Happy New Year to you both.

        1. And to you both, Andrew. My problem arose from not having downsized my pictures. They are now downsized automatically. I am pleased that you can now see them.

  3. We are having the EXACT same weather! And snow is to start falling after the sun goes down. 🙂
    I think these photos are lovely!
    I like rain and mostly like being indoors watching out. HA! But we are taking Cooper for walks in the rain. 🙂
    YAY for 2023!!!
    Happy New Year to you, Jackie, and all of your family!!!
    Wishing you peace, joy, health, love, laughter, courage, more gardening and more photographing! 🙂 !
    (((HUGS))) ❤️????? ❤️

    1. Thanks very much. Your good wishes reciprocated for you and yours, Carolyn. I’m so pleased you have found your way back on board. XX

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