Liquid Pearls

During the early part of this wet day I recovered the photographs and set header pictures for the following posts:

Light rain did not deter Martin from applying his grouting to the patio. First he three times pressure cleaned the paving, spraying the cracks between them and locating the “hot spots” to ensure the correct depths would be filled. Far from being problematic, the precipitation aided the process, providing a temporary rainbow effect.

Having left Flo, Dillon, and Ellie to brunch at Camellia’s Café in Everton Nursery, Jackie and I acquired provisions at Ferndene Farm Shop where I photographed

Fire logs and kindling alongside cut tulips and other flowers and

potted chrysanthemums.

Trays of bedding plants such as these primulas,

and pansies, and hyacinths, some of which bore their own liquid pearls.

Jackie deposited me at home and continued along Christchurch Road to collect the young family.

Once the day’s drizzle had desisted I made further inroads on the debris behind the oil tank and shed, transporting more to the Shady Path.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s wholesome chicken and vegetable stewp and fresh crusty bread with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank Mendoza Malbec 2021.


  1. Once again, your photography skills amaze me. Your photos delight me. Martin’s progress inspires me. Your wordsmith talents intrigue me (ie: “hyacinths, some of which bore their own liquid pearls.”) Love your posts always – and especially this one today, {{{Derrick}}} <3 Thank you for sharing!

  2. Martin does very careful work. It can’t be easy to grout in a cold rain.

    The flowers from Ferndene Farm Shop are beautiful, especially draped in watery jewels. A perfect end to the day with a good meal at home.

  3. Your garden shops are at least two months ahead of ours. Most of ours open on March 1 and have pansies by mid month. Wish you could clone Martin. Glad to read you are doing your bit too. ?

  4. I so enjoy visiting garden centres and taking photos of whatever is on offer. Our local one is undergoing renovations thanks to new owners. Not many blooms here at the moment, though I expect much of the new owners because they have other outlets further afield that are well worth a visit.

  5. Martin’s work is admirable, and the patio’s taking wonderful shape. To be honest, my first association with pearl-like surfaces came as I looked at the patio stones: they have the lustre of fine pearl.

  6. I am a tad envious of the bounty offered by your nursery. Ours is limping along with little variety on offer. It is wonderful that your patio will be completed in time to enjoy it as the warmer weather approaches.

  7. Love the liquid pearls on flowers photos! So beautiful! So well-named! 🙂
    Garden centers are such fun! Ooh, and I like seeing those tulips!
    Martin, GREAT work! Looking good!
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. A busy but pleasant day with every doing their tasks. Martin does such careful work and with a smile.
    I love your header shot. I don’t know why raindrops on flowers are so lovely, but they are.

  9. So exciting to see the progress of your patio! And that first photo is exquisite. Also, it looks as going to the farm shop was such a treat with all those bright and beautiful flowers.

    1. It is a wonderful resource. We lived in Minstead, 40 minutes drive away when we found it, but kept going there anyway. Thanks very much, Laurie

  10. The patio looks wonderful and very neat in appearance. Looks you are ready to plant some color. We have to wait until at least the beginning of May. Perhaps this year, because the winter has been fairly mild (Bite your tongue, Zakiah), we may do so by the end of April.

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